Tips and Tricks for Executives to get Better at Their Job

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As a top-level executive, being in a leadership position isn’t always going to be smooth sailing. Whereas your only role previously was to get your tasks completed on time, now that you are in upper management, your duties have expanded. You now find yourself in a post that has to inspire, lead, and motivate your team so that objectives can be accomplished.

Sounds straightforward, but we all know that things are always easier said than done. Not everything is going to go according to plan and not everyone that you manage will be manageable. As such, ensuring that everything is running smoothly sans hitches can prove more challenging than it ought to be.

Not to worry though. It is entirely possible to be a great manager capable of displaying authority and leadership while commanding respect from your staff and peers. Want to know how? Here are some tips and tricks that can help executives get better at their job:
Make a habit of separating personal problems from organizational ones.

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Your staff is always going to have problems and it is your responsibility as the executive to make sure that any problems manifested are sorted out accordingly. Most work problems tend to fall into 2 broad categories- personal issues and organizational ones.

These personal and organizational issues may manifest themselves in the same ways. However, understanding the differences between the two can help you come up with an appropriate response when needed. Treating an organizational issue, the same way you would a personal one is like putting a Band-Aid on a punctured tire- it just doesn’t work that way.

Examples of personal problems consist of:

  • A staff member’s workload
  • An employee’s problem with execution
  • A team member’s dissatisfaction with other team members

When such personal problems occur with one or just a few employees, they can easily be sorted with your people management skills; no need to reorganize the organization from top-down. Organization problems, on the other hand, are quite different and cannot be solved on one.

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Examples of organizational problems include:

  • Teams failing to complete projects by assigned deadlines collectively
  • Workflow issues that result in errors or delays company-wide
  • Infighting or hostility between staff members
  • Give praise and criticism in equal measure

Although it is definitely a lot easier to give praise in place of criticism, you must give both in equal measure. Staff members need a balance of both for them to be successful and grow. If all you’re doing is giving praise for good work, your staff will never be challenged enough to improve.

However, if all you’re giving is criticism, it may be doing more damage than good as your employees will always feel on edge and demoralized. As a rule of thumb, giving a regular flow of compliments to your team especially when they deserve it can keep them motivated and engaged.

This doesn’t mean that you should dish out compliments willy-nilly. Rather, it’s about recognizing your employee’s good efforts, especially when they are well-deserved. Criticism alternatively is not about putting your employees down.

Instead, it is about giving timely feedback that can allow your staff to work through their various weaknesses. By giving praises and criticism in equal measure, you will be helping your team members to course correct so that they can in turn thrive at their various positions.

Learn how to up your communication game

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Your staff members want to hear from you. That Monday morning meeting may seem like an unnecessary drag. However, it is essential for helping you keep your employees in the loop about any new developments, ongoing and upcoming projects, objectives and deadlines, and so on.

As such, you must learn how to communicate with your staff or team members so that you can stay abreast of any developments within and without the organization. It is also important that you remain approachable and keep the lines of communication open so that your staff can feel free enough to approach you with any questions or issues that they may need to be handled or addressed.

Making yourself accessible is the only way that you can develop a relationship based on mutual respect and trust with your staff members. In the course of your leadership, remember that humble leaders make the best leaders.

Take employee wellness seriously

Wellness is not just essential for your employees, but you as well. Well-being programs today are more popular than ever and for good reason. According to Healthcare Weekly, when implemented properly, they can give your staff incentive to work harder while encouraging them to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors such as using CBD products and tinctures. For you, wellness should be a top priority as a leader.

When you are well, you will be able to function better and lead your organization the way that you envision it. Encourage your staff to practice self-care as a way of reducing stress. According to CBD Kyro, a manager, you also need to do everything possible to take care of your own mental health whether that means taking up meditation, using CBD oils (great in-depth guide here on, going on a vacation, or anything that helps you relax and reset your mind.

Final Thoughts

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As a top-level executive, your staff looks up to you for guidance and inspiration. As such, you must set a good example that can allow you to gain their respect and admiration. Everyone in business knows that being in an executive position is one of the most challenging gigs out there. Leaders grow businesses, empower teams to take on more responsibilities so that results can be delivered.

Whether you are running a huge corporation or yours is a small or medium business enterprise, executives have to manage their time, resources, and staff well to fuel growth and development in their organizations. These tips shared above will help you to keep your organization growing and your team motivated so that you can continue to do amazing things together.