What Makes Dark Mode Designs So Popular?

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Let’s be honest, what’s the theme on your smartphone right now? I’m sure most readers will answer that they prefer the dark mode. If you think carefully about it, the popularity of going dark is due to trends far beyond web design and simple usability. For example, in 2017, black was the most popular color in the fashion world and accounted for 36 percent of the total clothing market. Needless to say, at the mention of such a concept as “classic,” minimalistic images in dark tones come to mind. Today we’re going to take apart the phenomenon of the popularity of dark mode ui and try to briefly analyze their origins.

Dark Mode Brief History

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Let’s start, perhaps, with a historical fact. Namely from the fact that until 1980, the usual white background with black font did not exist. So, before the emergence of the virtual sheet of paper with text, monochrome monitors were monochrome and displayed a greenish (pixel) color on a black background. And, although the dark theme has been used for a long time (such as Spotify or your smart TV), particular popularity came in 2018 after the release of night mode in macOS Mojave. Naturally, giants like Google and Apple picked up the trend, followed by the most popular social networks (like YouTube). Again, from a historical and marketing point of view, it is clear how the trend was introduced to the masses. The open question remains, “Why did people like it so much?” After all, hardly anyone is nostalgic for the monitors of the 1980s.

Why is the Dark Mode so Popular?

Less Tired Eyes

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The most common answer is that it makes your eyes less tired. I’ll add from myself: especially at night. Think about how many times you’ve picked up a smartphone in a completely dark room in order to read a message. The white screen “hit” the eyes with a bright light, and the first few seconds were needed so that the eyes could readjust. Of course, this is annoying. The clever developers noticed this phenomenon and fixed it, because it substantially reduced the time that the user spent in social networks. Sure, it also had a bad effect on the simple scrolling of online stores. And who needs it?

Saving Battery Power

The second, no less important reason is to save battery power. Especially when watching videos. It is proven that at 50 percent brightness, the same YouTube, can save up to 15 percent of the charge. In addition, those who prefer the dark mode, get the opportunity to significantly extend the life of the battery of their gadget. Again, the developers noticed this fact, and marketers offered it as a new alternative to the device’s rational use.

Stylistic Support

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The third reason has purely stylistic support. Let’s think about what sites choose to base their design on dark? Web pages of rock bands, gothic clothing, alternative art, tattoo studios, gaming sites, and so on. Here, too, everything is clear, because everyone has formed a clear association with the color black. This is always a suggestion in the direction of mystery, charisma, and sophistication. Thus, the dark theme in the design can indicate the belonging of the brand to people who are creative. That is, immediately declare its identity. At the same time, do not forget those who still treat black as an immortal classic. Thus, minimalism combined with dark shades evokes a persistent association with luxury and style. It is not for nothing that fashion designers claim that black is a universal color.

In addition to all of the above, designers noticed that the dark mode allows you to focus the user’s attention in the right places. Think of websites with tv series. Agree, it is very difficult not to see the premiere and do not go to take a look at it.

Well, lastly, this is following the trend. Even if your site has no meaningful reason to use a dark theme, offer it to the user as an alternative. This will demonstrate the coolness of the resource and show concern for the person. If, however, you are confident that the product meets the needs of people who prefer the “dark side”, then what are you waiting for? Enlist the support of the professionals and take advantage of the trend.