Why Convertible Heels Are Best For Any Occasion

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Depending on the type of occasion, women usually wear flats, sandals, wedges, boots, high heels, sneakers, and others. Convertible heels have been gaining popularity in recent years because of their ease of use and functionality. Many people are acquiring more than one pair as they are comfortable to wear and are stylish. You can wear convertible shoes such as flats (or mid-height sandals) and high heels.

Top 7 Reasons That Explain Why Convertible Heels Are Ideal For Every Occasion

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Several people find these comfortable heels suitable for all occasions. Are you wondering why? If yes, have a look at the below-listed reasons.

1. Multipurpose use

You can wear them as pumps while working in the office, then change them to flats on your way home so you can hang out or go shopping comfortably without any discomfort in your feet. As the convertible heels have the potential to switch between regular flats and high sandals, you have a lot of possibilities to use them for different occasions.

2. Highly budget-friendly

Another reason why convertible heels are attracting more buyers is due to the price. For instance, if you want to buy a decent quality and sturdy pair of high-heels, you may have to spend a minimum of hundred dollars. Similarly, you have to use half the mentioned amount to get a set of premium flats suitable for regular use too.

Though the price of convertible heels may seem a bit expensive, it is far better than buying a pair of pumps and flats separately, which can cost you a minimum of a couple of hundred dollars. Instead of spending that much money, you can acquire the best quality convertible heels at a reasonable price and wear them for a very long time too.

3. Easy to pack and light in weight

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This type of footwear can convert from flats to high stilettos. You can either fold the heel into the shoe or remove the heel part completely, which varies depending on the design and the brand you buy it from. If you own the foldable heel model, you do not have to carry any parts. However, if you have the removable heel model, you can easily detach the tip and bring it with you.

Even when packing for traveling purposes, the convertible footwear takes up less space in the suitcase than fixed pumps since it has a detachable heel. The material used to make the footwear is light, so you would not have to carry a lot of weight while you travel.

4. More than one footwear style

When you buy regular footwear, it will work as a single model. For instance, flats will only work as flats and sandals will work as sandals only, and so on. However, you can use convertible heels as slippers, mid-height sandals, and pumps as well and various models can be found at Vice Versa.

5. Ready for any sudden occasion

Let’s imagine that you suddenly had a plan to hang out with your friends or family directly from the office. It would be uncomfortable to go out wearing office footwear, which is generally pointy heels. However, if you have convertible footwear, you can alter pumps into comfortable slippers. Because of that, you can be ready for any sudden occasion.

6. Reduces knee pain and back pain

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If you wear pumps for a long time, you may feel a little pain in your knees or suffer from mild to heavy back pain. Thus, you can switch your heels to the flat sole as soon as you feel the ache which will help to mitigate the harm done by the stilettos. Your feet will be in a natural position, thanks to the convertible heels.

7. Enhances your safety

Driving in heels is not the best good idea. In general, it is advised to wear flat shoes while driving, and because of that, you will need to bring an extra pair of pumps in your car if you have to wear them for any occasion.

On the other hand, convertible heels that fold into flats allow you to drive to your destination more safely than in heels. In addition, you can reattach or unfold the heel part at any time.

How To Fold Convertible Heels

As you can see, there are several benefits of convertible footwear, which makes them an ideal choice for all occasions. Here are the instructions on how to fold them.

Step 1: Opening the cover

Take the shoe. Turn it back and open the cover at the bottom side to show the heel.

Step 2: Pushing the button

Then you can see a button inside the shoe. Make sure to push it.

Step 3: Pushing the heel part in

Now, you have to carefully push the heel into the sole of the shoe.

Step 4: Closing the cover

After that, gently close the cover and make sure that the heel is placed inside the sole.

How To Unfold Convertible Heels

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Here are the step-by-step instructions you have to follow in order to unfold convertible heels so that you can transform them from flats back into high heels.

Step 1: Folding down the sole cover

First of all, turn the shoes back. Then open the back cover at the sole of the footwear.

Step 2: Pulling the heel part from the sole

Grab the heel piece from the inside. Now, slowly pull it out of the shoe.

Step 3: Moving the cover

Take the cover piece and move it up the heel. Then attach it to the sole of the shoe.

Bottom Line

Convertible heels offer natural comfort in the form of flats, and they look stylish, and trendy in the form of high stilettos. You can fold and unfold the heel at any time, depending on the type of footwear you want to wear. Due to all these benefits, they are known to be the ideal fit for all occasions.