8 Tips For Gay Men Who Have Never Had a Serious Boyfriend

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So, you’ve found yourself a man, and now you need tips on how to keep him, this is the place for you! Sit back and get the ultimate lesson in boyfriend management.

No one talks about the added trials and tribulations of dating a gay man. It’s much harder and doesn’t have the same pull as heterosexuals on mainstream dating sites. It’s always nerve-racking when you try to hit on a man, and he turns out to be straight, rejecting your advances, sometimes in an inappropriately rude manner. It can be damaging to your mental health, especially when you never had a boyfriend – admitted your identity only recently after and decided to try online dating, or if you’re simply too shy to approach a man publicly, which bears its own risks. There’s an answer to that, as reviews on gay dating sites in the UK on the Gaysbonding are removing this struggle and making it easier for men to meet like-minded singles online.

You can safely get to know all the single (and gay!) guys in your area and beyond, get chatting and have a choice of singles to take on dates. a privilege you may have been starved of during high school or college…

Subsequently, you find yourself in a situation of getting into your first serious relationship and unsure of how to navigate it. We’re here to guide you! It seems daunting but is much simpler than many thought. The main thing to do is to keep true to yourself. They fell for you for a reason, so don’t change yourself to keep them happy in a relationship. But there’s more to unpack here!

Navigating Your First Serious Relationship

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You may have a previous romantic experience, or it’s your first encounter; either way, a serious relationship exposes some anxieties within ourselves. This is natural and not something to worry about! After spending a lot of time single, we doubt ourselves, and whether we’ll ever find love, suddenly you find yourself embarking on a relationship. As a result, self-deprecation creeps in, and we struggle to keep our mental health from drowning. Here are some quick tips to keep your mental health in check.

  • Communicate openly.  Being open with your emotions will safeguard your mental health in a new relationship. It’s easy to put your feelings aside to make your partner happy, but this is the worst thing! Communicate how you’re feeling in a mature, adult way, and you’ll work through it. If they don’t respect your feelings, then it’s not a relationship worth having. It’s easier to start doing it over text, so exchange messages until you get the courage to invite your mate to talk privately and in person.
  • Keep a diary.  If you struggle to organize your thoughts/feelings – write down everything to help understand what you’re feeling. This will contribute to healthy communication in your partnership.
  • Have time for yourself. New love is exciting and encompassing; however, maintain independence! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so incorporate this where you can.
  • Discuss boundaries.  Understanding where you both draw lines is vital to any healthy relationship. What do you consider cheating?

8 Top Tips for a Serious Relationship

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Now that we’ve safeguarded your mental health, you’re going to need tips on how to manage your first serious relationship. It’s okay to be nervous, but it’s going to be okay.

Don’t doubt yourself. It’s natural to question how you got lucky but try to ignore these thoughts. You’re both worthy of love and of each other.

  • Set realistic expectations for your partner.  When you get into a serious relationship, your expectations for your partner increase. However, it’s unrealistic to expect our partner to always understand our feelings, to know what to say /   how to help us. That’s okay! As long as they make an effort, you can seek this support elsewhere. The less pressure you put on the relationship, the healthier it is.
  • Carry on dating them.  Have date nights when you can, and flirt every opportunity you get!
  • Accept the ups and downs.  It’s not going to be perfect and happy all the time, and that’s fine. The point of relationships is that every day you wake up and choose to be with your partner, you love them and want a life with them. Life isn’t always great, but you get through it and make things right.
  • You’re a team now; act like one.  It’s you two against the world, not you versus them.
  • Practice gratitude. Appreciate the little things, show care and be grateful for their kind words. Practicing this will encourage positive behavior and make the relationship stronger.

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  • Celebrate whenever you can.  Any positive event, milestone, or anniversary, make a night of it! Celebrate with your partner at any given chance and see stronger your bond becomes; get an expensive gift if your relationship seems strong and lasting.
  • Make time for them.  Relationships take time, effort, and work. Although life may get busy, always make time for them to reconnect. We recommend having dinner together every night or having a date night weekly. Time together to reconnect will keep the relationship healthy and running smoothly.

The movies would have you believe that once you’re in a relationship, you don’t have to try as hard, and you can “relax.” While a level of comfort is achieved, you should always be trying with one another. The relationship status simply adds exclusivity, but you should continue to date them! It’s made things sweeter for longer and allows you to enjoy yourself before other serious commitments like marriage or adoption. Following these tips, safeguard your relationship, and remaining true to yourself will cultivate a healthy relationship with your partner and yourself. Serious relationships are never as scary as they seem; it’s always about doing what you can to keep things fresh while deepening that bond.