How To Wear Real Fur Vests In A Versatile Manner – In 2024


Fur is an elegant and luxurious outwear, which makes the head turn. It doesn’t matter if you pair it with casual or formal outfits. Fur trend is here to stay and is seen on the catwalks to the streets. Below are some examples of how celebrities pair daily basics with their flamboyant fur coats.

  • A creamy-white grayish waist-length fuzzy coat looks grand when sported with a pencil pink-colored skirt in floral prints and a white blouse with bowed tie paired with black-colored pumps.
  • A bushy mustard small fur coat, when donned with a white top, short black trousers, paired with heeled nude mules’ looks impressive.
  • A white shirt under a brown creamy mink fur, when paired with indigo skinnies looks shunning. To highlight it even more add a beige-cream Fedora hat.

Genuine fur doesn’t limit your choice to the large furry coats people choose to wear only in the freezing winter season. You can choose to wear furs all-around the year. You can look for genuine and premium quality fur vests and accessories on On the store, you will find a collection of dazzling fur vests that can make you feel trendy.

They are versatile. You can choose to dress them down wearing gym shoes and jeans as well as look dressier sporting them over modern dresses. It is a practical wardrobe element available at affordable prices without any compromise on quality.

How to dress down or up with genuine fur vests?


Good reason to buy real fur vests

You can sling the fur jacket over your shoulder as the weather starts warming. The fur can be worn without the concern of feeling overheated. For getting a furry look, the fur jacket has to be light and not thick and heavy. Therefore, consider buying a genuine fur vest. Real fur material means you get a little warmth from the vest [as it is sleeveless] and does not overpower the other clothes you are wearing. The furry vest looks superb over any formal or casual attire.

They are cheaper than the long fur yet offer versatility. The vest is not very warm, so is an ideal alternative to wear in cool weather rather than the freezing winter months.

How to wear…


Color theory

  • Pastel pink blends well with clothes colored white, peach, blue, gray, black, light green, brown, and olive green.
  • Tan looks awesome when paired with brown, blue, black, white, red, and emerald green outfits and accessories.
  • Brown looks amazing when matched with white, red, pink, tan, greens, and blues.
  • The white matches and harmonizes every color even white.
  • Light-grayish gets highlighted with burgundy, blue, black, and even dark gray.
  • Black mergers with a variety of colors like pink, burgundy, white, green, blue, gray, purple, and even black.

Different style forms

You can opt for a variety of style forms like:

  • Athletic
  • Casual
  • Old-fashioned
  • Eclectic
  • Hobo-chic

Outfits you can pair with are:

  • T-shirts
  • Denim
  • Running shoe
  • Leggings
  • Ugly sweaters
  • Hoodies

To look dressier pair fur vests with:

  • Stilettos
  • Knee-length boots
  • Pointed heels
  • Short & long dresses
  • Leather accessories
  • Sexy evening gown

The fur vest when layered with casual or formal attire offers a little warmth and makes her feel good and look beautiful. It can offer an urbane, sophisticated, or luxurious feel to an outfit. The feel and flair you want to generate using this marvelous layering style are subjective.


  • Many ladies choose to put on furs with long and elegant clothes but it also looks great with short ones.
  • On the streets, you will see many girls wearing it over casual denim or flannel style skirts.
  • Long clothes like maxi are casual wear, which is generally worn in summer. A fur vest can be paired with a maxi dress in the spring or fall season when the weather is a little cool.
  • A pair of jeans when worn with a fur vest and heels will emphasize her individuality and feminine beauty.
  • A brown-colored fur layer combined with button-down cream shirts is ideal. Add cool booties and sunglasses for a chic look.
  • Add a leather belt around the furry vest to give it a refined touch.
  • A button-down blue shirt, leggings, and white-colored real fur layering complete the look.
  • A white shirt and skinny paired with dark-brown boots and neutral fur vest grab attention.
  • When you drape a real fur vest over an elegant suit the picture looks impressive.
  • All black is not only for funerals, you can create an elegant and classy feel draping light-black fur vests over a black skirt or slacks and top. The ensemble will stand apart!
  • Gain evening elegance wearing a white or black fur vest over a floaty outfit embellished with classic jewelry.
  • Place a fur vest over or under the leather jacket to acquire an individual look.
  • Hit the street wearing a cropped vest over mini or layers or trousers.

It is interesting to learn about new ways of wearing real fur, especially when you believe that they are designed only for special occasions. People are using different varieties of fur coats these days to get that cool casual look.


Some rules to wear real fur vests

Some rules to wear a fur vest to enjoy sideways glances. You need guts to wear a real fur vest, so wear it correctly and reap the glory of the trend.

  • Never feel tempted to show your biceps wearing this furry fashion. The shaggy vest is designed to highlight a flowy blouse or long sleeve t-shirt. Even if your arms are not buff and skinny, they will appear beside this chunky vest.
  • For a petite figure choose a vest, which stops at her hip bone or just touching the top section of her thigh. The legs look long without any interruption. A boxy size fur vest can dwarf the small waist, so shop for a slightly fitted vest or a style with banding at the waist. Even check armhole sizes, small openings help to avoid the vests overpowering look when worn by petite women.
  • A vest with a furry collar will make you look and feel glamorous.
  • Choose the fur length as per your budget. Long and flowy real fur vests can be more costly than short ones.

Stay stylish and chic all season long choosing and wearing appropriate real fur vests!