7 Ways and Places to Get Inspired for Essay Writing

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A student has to write about 15-20 essays per year. Although it might not seem like much to an outsider, writing two essays every month, or an essay every two weeks is tough. Especially now, with the pandemic and distance education, people find it much harder to focus at home.

You may have kids wanting to play, or your siblings being annoying. Yet, regardless of the situation, the essays need to be submitted on time. In this article, we will give you a practical guide on where to go and what to do to escape the routine of your home.

Finding Inspiration

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Inspiration is defined as mental stimulation to do something, or as a sudden, brilliant idea. We can all agree that the latter cannot be achieved on purpose. But getting the former is also not easy. The key to finding inspiration is establishing a routine. As strange as it may sound, a routine, or habits, can help you focus and get inspired.

What’s important here is to do the same thing every day at the same time. For example, if you go to sleep every night at 11 pm when you’re not in bed by that time, you’ll start to feel sleepy. In the same way, if you start writing essays or doing your homework every day by 3 pm, your brain will get trained to become creative at that time.

So, the trick to inspiration is to not perceive it as something sudden. Instead, see it as a resource that is always inside you that just needs a little stimulation from the outside. So, let’s talk about the places where you can get stimulated.

External Help

During these uncertain times, plenty of students have faced their fear – the blank page. Somehow, staying at home all day maybe even more draining than spending a day at work or in college. You don’t see your peers, barely exchange ideas, and don’t have the teacher telling you how important an assignment is.

This is exactly why the essay writer service from essaywriterservice.com has been gaining popularity during the lockdowns. Professional writers employed there know no burnout and don’t fear the blank page, hence, can help you at any time of the day or night.

Leave your essay to pros while you do something more enjoyable. Besides, a professionally-written paper can even help you learn a topic that seems too complicated in a textbook.

Go Outside

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Various lockdown measures are still in place in many countries and cities. Parks are closed and cafes only serve to-go, and that’s if you’re lucky. But we bet that if you look hard enough, you can always find an empty bench somewhere.

Take your preferred working device like a notebook, laptop, or tablet, and go out to explore! Changing your location can boost your creativity and put you in a new state of mind. Being in nature stimulates our brains greatly, reduces stress, and has plenty of other benefits.

If you do it often enough, say, twice a week or maybe even every day, you’ll see how as soon as you sit on that bench, your brain starts producing ideas!

Go to a Library

If you have the luxury of visiting a library at this time, then do it! The quiet halls and empty rooms feel almost magical, and there is nothing more inspiring for a student than being surrounded by thousands of books.

Put your phone on airplane mode to eliminate distractions. Pile a bunch of books on a table next to you, open up your notebook, and get to writing. And what’s more, you can even do some research, the old-school way!

Sure, it’s not as practical and easy as looking up a source online, but it’s a good opportunity to appreciate what you have.


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A great tactic of battling the blank page is freewriting to improve English writing skills. It’s an extremely easy technique that can work for literally anyone! All you need to do is to set a timer for about 5 minutes and start writing. Don’t obsess over grammar or punctuation, you will fix that later.

At the moment, your only goal is to write as much as possible. It doesn’t even have to make sense, really. The goal of this exercise is to overcome the blank page, not improve your grammar. After that, your brain will get into the writing space, and producing any content will be much easier.

Research & Outline

A good way to get in the ‘essay state of mind’ is to do some preliminary work. Write down the topic of your assignment, read the brief carefully, find some relevant resources, and look for inspiration in them. Save the relevant readings onto your computer so they don’t get lost.

Think about the main sections of your paper and write them down. Maybe, you’ll come up with a thesis statement since you’re on it. Outlining goes a long way, although a lot of students skip this step. It doesn’t take much time and it will really help you to stick to the point in the future.

You might leave the writing part for the next day. Anyways, when you come back to work, you will have a substantial part done.

Go Online

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The web is the perfect way to find inspiration. You can look at samples of similar papers, read tips & hacks like this article, or just share opinions with your friends.

Venting can go a long way when you feel stuck and lack inspiration. If you have an older friend who has already been through all this, they may help you with a solid piece of advice or maybe even their old essay.

Wrapping Up

Inspiration is a tricky thing. Some say it doesn’t exist at all. For a modern student, hard work is more important than inspiration. Look for places that make you happy and relaxed.

If your desk doesn’t do the trick, go outside. Sit in a park or in a library, do some preliminary work and you’ll see how your essay starts to flow!