Do Water Fountains Use A Lot of Electricity?

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Water fountains are currently used in different establishments as one of their main decorations. This is because water fountains can transform a boring place into an area with a sense of elegance and a luxurious vibe. You can often see them in fancy establishments such as restaurants or hotels, which is one of the reasons why they are part of the expensive decorations.

Knowing that many people are amazed at the beauty of water fountains, innovators grabbed this opportunity and invented water fountain designs specifically made for home decoration. They knew that people would want to decorate their house with a water fountain and would definitely buy one to improve their house’s interior and exterior design.

I guess it is safe to say that these innovators were right. Now, you can see many people purchasing outdoor and indoor water fountains and placing them in some areas of their houses.

Who can blame them? There are a lot of affordable water features available on the internet that come in different designs, styles, sizes, and shapes. Websites like offer various indoor water features such as water fountains, wall fountains, and floor fountains that can be used to beautify the inside and the outside of your house.

These websites also state the many benefits of having a water fountain and some tips on how to maintain them. They are almost successful in terms of their marketing strategy, but there is one thing that holds back these people from buying a water fountain, and it is their concern about their electric bills.

People have considered buying water fountains, but they are uncertain if this decoration uses up a lot of electricity or not. Let us know the answer to that question together and finally, get rid of that one thing that is holding you back from acquiring a water fountain.

Do water fountains use a lot of electricity?

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Water fountains don’t consume a lot of electricity if you use the correct water pump.

Water fountains don’t consume a lot of electricity if you use the correct water pump. The main component of a water fountain is called pumps, and these pumps are the reason why the water in water fountains has that continuous flow of water. They mechanically get the water from the bottom up to the top to achieve a circular motion.

If your water fountain has a high-end pump, you won’t have to worry about a huge increase in your electricity bills because they function efficiently than those cheaper and poorly installed pumps. To make it simpler, imagine that the average water fountain pump needs to reach 100 water horsepower to function properly.

If the pump of your water fountain only has 50 water horsepower, it would need to consume a lot of electricity for it to reach the standard 100 water horsepower. This means that the amount of electricity it consumes gets doubled to meet the standard water horsepower it needs to function properly.

But if you have an expensive and efficient pump that gives the exact 100 water horsepower or more, the amount of electricity it will need to pump your water fountain would be lesser compared to the cheaper one. Water fountains consume less electricity depending on the amount of water horsepower your pump has. So if you are planning on saving electricity, you have to invest in an expensive and high-standard pump.

Water fountains don’t consume a lot of electricity if you choose the right one fitted for your budget

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They don’t use a lot of electricity if you buy the appropriate water fountain that fits your budget. If you have a tight budget and cannot afford an expensive pump, there are still other ways to save electricity.

You can settle for a smaller water fountain that needs a little amount of water horsepower for it to function properly. There are smaller water fountains available that would still beautify your house and only use a small amount of electricity. Remember that the little your water fountain is, the little water horsepower it needs. The little water horsepower it needs, the lesser electricity it consumes.

You can either choose from a variety of tabletop water fountains you can see online that still have amazing designs, such as the Resin Indoor Rockery tabletop water fountain or the Micro Landscape Decoration Decorative Indoor Furnishing Water Fountain Feng shui Resin Decoration.

Water fountains consume a lot of electricity if you know how to improvise

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But what if you already have a water fountain and you don’t want to buy a new one to save electricity? Well, there is a solution to that. You can lessen the water you put in your water fountain so that the water pump would need less water horsepower.

Lessening the amount of water you place in your water fountain will allow you to save electricity since the pump will only take the right amount of electricity it needs to function. But there is a downside. Your water fountain might not be as elegant and as effective as before because you reduce the amount of water it initially needs.

Nevertheless, the design and the impact of the water fountain would still beautify your house even though the performance of the water fountain decreased.

To summarize everything, a water fountain doesn’t consume that much electricity if you follow all the tips mentioned above. You can have a water fountain in your house and could save electricity if you choose the right water fountain applicable for your house and your budget.

If you know you cannot handle a wall water fountain, then settle for a tabletop water fountain. They don’t consume that much electricity if you go for high-quality pumps. If you have enough money to spend on your water fountain, then don’t hold back and settle for a cheaper pump to avoid getting higher electricity bills.

Go for high-quality pumps because they don’t use a lot of electricity. Water fountains don’t use a lot of electricity if you know how to look for solutions and if you are knowledgeable on how water fountains work.