How Important is Quality of the Water we Drink

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The quality of water consumed by a human is of utmost importance because almost 60% of the human body consists of it. Several alkaline water brands claim to serve it in its purest form. But when one undergoes a quality check, the product turns out to be below average. The quality of drinking water is defined; by pH level. If the pH level of water is below seven, then it is an acidic drink and, if the pH level is above seven, then it is an alkaline drink. However, pH level seven is neutral, which is running in almost every home tap. The pH level of 8 or 9 is to be of good alkaline quality. People who are regular consumers of alkaline drinks can judge from the taste whether the drink served is a standard alkaline drink or not. Once the body likes this taste, it starts craving for it. The reason behind this addiction is the refreshing taste of water that is not available to everyone. For further details, please visit

Advantages of Alkaline Water

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Alkaline water holds anti-aging properties. The effects that appear on the skin over time: are controlled by taking an alkaline drink. It adds life to the skin apparently by absorbing liquid antioxidants more quickly into the human body. It helps to regulate the pH level of the body. Weight is also controlled; by consuming it. The immune system boasts up, detoxification of the body takes place. And as a whole, the person is saved from multiple diseases.

If the water is gathered directly from nature, in such a way that it does not touch the ground. If it touches the ground once, the impurities add to it. Once it gets impure, purity in the first place is hard to achieve. No matter; how much-advanced technology purifies water, there always remains some impurities. The purest product in the market is delivered; by those companies capable of gathering rainwater directly.

Best Bottled Water Harvesting Process

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The purification process should consist of at least seven steps to compose a unique product to serve in the market. The ideal approach is to collect water directly from the clouds without even touching the ground. Because touching the ground means; exposure to infinite impurities. The objective of an ideal product can only be achieved by a distinct harvesting process. This process keeps the water safe from coagulant chemicals and other contaminants. Unfortunately, most companies are unable to undergo this process in its full zeal. Therefore, identifying the right companies is important. The label of alkaline water on the packaging of bottles is not sufficient.

The quality of a product served by the company can be ensured in many ways. One of the ways; is that it with-stand national and international standards. One of the best approaches to purification includes the 25 point micro-filtration process. The quality of water not only comes up to the mark of federal standards but also surpasses it in some cases; after going through this process. If a company purifies water through ozone oxidation and ultraviolet light technology after getting it directly from the clouds, then this kind of product is one of the finest ones on the face of the earth.

Making a Difference

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We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give. Only a few alkaline water companies have such a big heart to give a share of their profit to the needy. The history is proof of the fact that a company that serves the community makes a difference in the world at large. Some companies have gone even beyond in the cause and formed foundations to serve humanity. We should look for such companies. Because in this way we will not only purchase water for ourselves only but will add a share to their welfare foundation also. The profit is used for curing addicts, diseased, and dealing with poverty.

Make sure the company serves the community with dignity and value. This initiative may sound like nothing in the beginning but something is better than nothing. The feeling of empathy and compassion keeps a man going forward. Such acts need to be appreciated and supported to keep them going in the long run.

Additional Health Benefits

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Some water bottle companies provide an extra feature of purity by infusing extra health benefits. Pink Himalayan salt is famous for its rich mineral content. Along with traces of 84 other minerals for the proper functioning of the body. If this salt is added to water, it helps in the proper functioning of the body. With many other unseen benefits; that could be seen in the long run. The benefits of Himalayan salt are it adds and improves hydration. It helps to reduce respiratory diseases. Balance the body’s pH level. It makes one look fresh and younger. It improves the quality of sleep. Improves the taste of the water

The bottle in which the product is being packed and carried out is of great importance too. Most companies use bottles made up of plastic. The problem is that; plastic is not a very environmentally friendly product. People assume that it is recycled. But the facts state that 91% of the plastic bottles are not recycled at all, and are dumped in oceans. Hence, it becomes a source of pollution to aquatic life. Some companies understand this issue to such an extent that they have replaced plastic bottles with aluminum bottles. These bottles are recycled 100%.

Aluminum bottles take 60 days to decompose, whereas plastic bottles take 400 days to decompose; and even more. By choosing a company that delivers the product in an aluminum bottle; one contributes to nature. Such initiatives must be appreciated and adopted by other companies also. Plastic bottles are not good for human health. And it is recommended by many specialists not to use plastic to serve food and drinks. As it contains several hazards in one material.