9 Benefits of Drinking Water to Improve Work Performance

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Many people underestimate the importance of establishing the habit of drinking water at work, even though there are many proven benefits of consuming water to improve work performance. Whether you work mostly indoors with minimal physical activity, it is still important to keep your body hydrated.

Want to know more about what is the correlation between drinking water and your working performance? Keep on reading to find the answer!

1. Prevent dehydration

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First and foremost is definitely to prevent dehydration. Our bodies need fluids for various processes that occur inside, this is because the water content in the human body is about 60% – 70% of body weight.

Water is very important for the organs in the body to work properly. If the body is deficient in fluids, to balance the water levels, the body will automatically find ways to draw water from the body’s own components, including from the blood. As a result, the water content in the blood will decrease and the blood will become thicker. In the end, the journey of blood as a means of transporting oxygen and nutrients will be disrupted.

A dehydrated body condition will cause various complaints when working. When you do physical activity for too long, you will feel thirsty and your throat will become dry. If you are too lazy to drink water, this condition will certainly be quite disturbing to your work. Before it happens, it is better to prevent that by drinking water regularly so you don’t get dehydrated while working.

2. Keep your skin looking fresh

The next benefit of drinking water regularly at work is to make sure you look good with fresh and dehydrated skin. Working in an office with prolonged use of an air conditioner can make your skin feel dry and look flaky.

To avoid this from happening, besides using moisturizer – you can also use natural remedies by consuming lots of water. Drinking water diligently is a proven method that can help to improve skin health. You definitely still want to look good even when you are only working at the office!

3. Prevent various diseases

One of the other benefits of drinking water is that it can prevent various chronic diseases. For example, the cause of urinary tract infections or kidney stones can also be caused by a lack of water consumption.

Drinking water properly can help to maintain water levels in our body so that the body does not experience digestive function disorders. If by chance you experience chronic disease, it can greatly interfere with your professional life in the long term. Take care of your health by doing something as simple as drinking water regularly.

4. Helps metabolic processes

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Improper metabolism processes can interfere with your health, and eventually, affect your work productivity. To prevent this, you need to regularly drink water before and after meals, as well as during work breaks. Fluids that enter the body before eating will moisten the digestive tract. In addition, fluids can also help to expedite the body’s metabolic processes.

5. Improve concentration

The benefits of drinking water at work are so related to the level of focus and concentration. The main requirement for you to be able to focus when working is a body condition that is free from pain or discomfort. Meanwhile, if you are dehydrated – this comfort will certainly be disturbed. You can feel dizzy, sleepy, thirsty, have a dry throat, and so on!

6. Improve critical thinking ability

As mentioned before, when our body is lacking water – it can try to draw water from the blood. It will make the blood thicker, and thus when it passes through the brain, the passage of blood will be hampered and affect the brain cells that supposedly receive proper nutrients and oxygen. This condition can have a great impact on the brain, making it unable to work optimally.

If you want to retain your focus and be able to give out the best to your workplace, you should not forget to bring your aluminum water bottles anywhere – so you can take a gulp anytime throughout the day. Having a water bottle on hand can also serve as a reminder for you to occasionally drink water even though you are busy.

7. Maximize physical strength

If your job requires a lot of physical strength, keeping your body hydrated is something you shouldn’t underestimate. Losing body fluids even as much as 2% can interfere with your physical strength. Apart from that, dehydration can also cause dizziness and weakness which will only affect your body condition and work performance even more.

8. Overcoming constipation

Have you ever experienced constipation at work? This is definitely a nightmare! Very low fluid intake is one of the main causes of constipation. To fix this, drink water regularly to help smooth your bowel movements.

If needed, you can also take over-the-counter constipation medications at pharmacies. Even though it can be treated with medication, good drinking habits can prevent constipation from coming back.

9. Helps relieve headaches

Last but not least, drinking a sufficient amount of water at work can also help to relieve headaches. The stress that is felt due to the high workload often results in headaches, dizziness, and migraines. Apart from work-related stress that you experience, headaches can also be caused by a dehydrated body condition.

Now you know the negative effect of consuming little water for your body. If you want to have a good performance while working, you definitely should improve your water intake level. From now on, make it a habit for you to drink water in various situations – no matter how busy you are at that time!