How To Style A Chesterfield Sofa In A Cafe?

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You often see Chesterfield furniture in restaurants, 5-star hotels, and cafes because of the comfort it offers to its customers and its unique display of design that can enhance the look of their establishments. In line with this, cafes are now becoming more popular because of their interior and exterior design.

The internet is now the best place to look and buy any products and services that you need. Because of this, the Chesterfield Sofa Company and manufacturers have their websites specifically created for selling a variety of high-quality leather Chesterfield sofas that you can choose from. In fact, many establishments bought Chesterfield sofas on these websites already and used them in improving their businesses.

Let’s face it, all the drinks in every cafe are exactly alike, and the tastes are not that far from each other. People prefer Instagrammable places instead. This is the reason why they are now using their beautiful designs and decorations to lure customers in.

Although cafes are competing with each other as to who has the greatest design, we all see that they have one thing in common, and it is the presence of a Chesterfield sofa. In this article, we will be giving our focus on how to utilize a Chesterfield sofa and use its design to improve the look of any cafe.

If you own a cafe and you want to know how to decorate your cafe with a Chesterfield sofa, this article might help you with that. Here are some tips on how to style a Chesterfield sofa in your cafe.

Consider your cafe’s motif

The first thing to consider when you want to achieve a stylish look in your cafe using a Chesterfield sofa is to fit the design with the theme of your cafe. Every cafe has its ways and gimmicks on inviting some customers through their amazing and unique motifs.

Some cafes have inspired motives from superheroes, vintage movies, classical dramas, royal kingdoms, and many more. If you want to decorate your cafe with a Chesterfield sofa, make sure it would fit with whatever theme you have.

If you chose a vintage theme, then buying a brown leather Chesterfield sofa or any Chesterfield-inspired furniture would fit right in. If you want your customers to feel like they are in an expensive and luxurious place, then choose a velvet Chesterfield sofa, and so on. Do some research and visit some websites that offer a variety of Chesterfield sofa designs. The modern sofa bed can look even better if you want to make the cafe shop to look like the Friends famous coffer shop. Look closely and think about the design that you think would blend perfectly with the motif of your cafe.

Match it with your other furniture

Surely, you have other furniture in your cafe other than your Chesterfield sofa. You also have your tables, chairs, desks, and other furniture to consider. Now, to style your Chesterfield sofa in your cafe, make sure it matches your other furniture.

If you have wooden tables and chairs, then a dark brown leather Chesterfield sofa would match your tables and chair perfectly. If you have a matte-black counter desk and dark colors for your other furniture, then a dirty white leather Chesterfield sofa would fit right in with the other furniture and would become the focal point of your cafe. There are also a variety of coffee tables and chair designs that would fit perfectly with a Chesterfield sofa.

If your cafe has long coffee tables, pairing it with a 4 seater leather Chesterfield sofa will look stylish. If you want a dining table good for 2, you can pair it with a 2-seater Chesterfield sofa, giving your customer extreme relaxation and also would make the design of your cafe look stylish.

Make sure it compliments the color of your cafe

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If you want to style your cafe using a Chesterfield sofa, make certain that the color and design of the sofa complement the dominant color of your cafe. For instance, you chose blue as the dominant color of your cafe, matching that color with a deep purple velvet Chesterfield sofa would be great.

Deep purple compliments the color blue, and this color combination emphasizes serene and dependability. Matching doesn’t always mean that you should choose the same color. There are other colors in perfect combination with each other such as navy and teal, yellow and blue, black and orange, dark blue and turquoise, and many more. Be knowledgeable with these color combinations because these ideas might be useful in the near future.


You can place your Chesterfield sofa anywhere and would still be out of style if you don’t apply the proper lighting. The colors of lighting are an important factor to consider when you want to style your cafe using your Chesterfield sofa.

I mean, can you imagine using warm lights with a black leather Chesterfield sofa? It looks like an interrogation scene from a crime movie if you ask me. But if you have a warm light paired with a white Chesterfield sofa, it would be soothing for the eyes and make your customer feel cozy.

Accent decoration

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Lastly, when styling any kind of sofa, you must utilize all the accent decorations available. You can either add some pillows to make it cozier or pair your Chesterfield sofa with a carpet to enhance the sense of luxury in your cafe. You have to match it with the design of your Chesterfield sofa, and if you have a brown leather Chesterfield sofa, you can place a bookshelf beside it to make the scenery more classic and vintage.

There are a variety of accent decorations you can choose from, be wise in choosing and make sure that all of them will complement the color and the design of your Chesterfield sofa.

These are only a few of the many tips on how to style a Chesterfield sofa in your cafe. You could still search for more ways and tips, but I am certain that if you follow these steps, your cafe will look stunning with the help of your Chesterfield sofa.