Data Science Consulting – 2024 Guide

Data is the most important thing for a company, but also for the individuals who work with it. They are the number one thing that needs to be done well to get the answer we need to make a decision. Yes, today decisions are made on the basis of data. They give us information that we process and from which we later find out what corrective action or what next step we should take.

According to the obtained data, a decision is made about what will be undertaken, and all that is preceded by an analysis that is better known as data analysis – a new science that is more and more represented. Big data is on everyone’s lips, but implementing it in day-to-day operations often presents entrepreneurs with challenges. What are the potential areas of application in your company? Which data is relevant for your employees?

And how do you translate your business case into a high-performance algorithm? The secure and goal-oriented handling of data is essential nowadays to ensure the future viability of companies – this is not only the conclusion of the usual pollsters because big data is booming: be it in sales, in product management in IT, or corporate management. It is present virtually everywhere.

It is present in companies of all kinds, it is present in every company and in many sectors, this science is used regardless of the type of problem that managers face as heads of departments and the analysis must always be fast. Yes, all this is data analysis which is a great help and that is why everyone uses it so much and everyone is so focused on its implementation. Sensors provide real-time data in production and enable more efficient resource management.

Data-based marketing allows campaigns to be controlled more precisely and reduces wastage. Business forecasts, risk models, and simulations gain conciseness and validity with the help of external data. Automatic feedback mechanisms between producers and users significantly facilitate the optimization of products and services. Diceus is the one of the best company that is providing data science consulting services.

Diceus enables you to use this potential in your company. Together with your employees on-site, we design, develop and implement high-performance applications with which you can tap real added value in day-to-day operations. The focus of our advice is tailored to your specific needs: from the analysis of existing or data to be collected to the programming of dedicated algorithms, to embedding in forecast models or reports, to recommendations for action in the area of ​​real-time analytics, machine learning, or artificial intelligence.

All these possibilities should be accepted by every company. Regardless of the size, category, branch in which it works, number of employees, etc. This is an opportunity and a realistic offer that every organization should accept if it wants to be stable on its path to success, if it wants to continue to walk as a winner, if it wants to meet the goals it has set for the long term and if to reach the top. This is something that must be accepted in order to get where the organization belongs.

Our goal is always to develop integrative systems that enable your employees to make better decisions faster. To this end, we also use interactive visualization tools in particular, with which relevant signals can be quickly and easily filtered out, even from large data sets. Our claim is an optimal and lasting result: That is why we explicitly focus our advice on passing on our expert knowledge and know-how to the respective departments and thus firmly anchoring it in the company. We also offer workshops and training for your employees in interactive data analysis with Python and PANDAS.

Commercial Datascience: Take Action Before Your Competitors

Commercial Data Science


DataScience, everyone talked about it “before,” but in a “we have time” spirit. The Covid-19 crisis highlights the urgent need to change the pace. In the very short term, the question you all ask yourself is: “how to save business 2024? “. Yes, this frequently asked question everyone thought there was no answer, but still there is an answer to this and all other questions related to the success of the company.

The answer is data analysis. They are the key to success and the door you have to go through to save the business in a time of crisis when everyone is struggling and at a time when the results are not good at all. Containment means two months of stopping marketing and commercial actions and X months of “recovery”… Our Commercial Data science approach makes it possible to find your nuggets of business rebound quickly. Here’s how.

Commercial Data Science makes it possible to make much more rational strategy and resource allocation decisions by transforming customer data into prioritized and actionable levers.

Example 1

For an insurer, someone has created a clustering model to identify the customers most keen to convert part of their savings into units of account. The implementation made it possible to identify 6% of the portfolio, which constitutes the core target and representing € 38M of potential inflows.

Example 2

For a bank, someone implemented a lead scoring model to prioritize phoning and prospecting activities. The deployment of this model has boosted the productivity of salespeople—their sales by 12% in 1 year. Commercial DataScience makes old models intuitive and outdated: this must be the priority digital initiative to improve performance.

Your approach is intuitive and denies customer data if:

  • You favor mass, non-personalized interactions
  • – push for offers or promotions
  • Your commercial actions are energy-intensive with low conversion rates
  • – more results always require more resources
  • You are unable to assess the performance of your actions
  • – no indicator of customer value creation

Today, the fields of application are available and varied: all your decisions can benefit from Commercial DataScience.

  • Evaluate your positioning, your actions, and your strategic choices:
  • How do you cover your areas
  • of conquest (customers, offers, geography)? What are the costs and profitability
  • of your sales and marketing actions?

Understand the expectations of your customers and your potential:


Is your turnover consistent with your proximity to customers? Are your sales channels aligned with your customers’ preferences?

Building your market coverage, conquest, and loyalty strategies :


How to anticipate achievable results? How to detect the key moments of the transformation and the churn?

Where to put the money and the resources? How to assess performance?


If there is a science that can help a business the most, if there is a science that can make the most transformations, then it is this science. Although many people still do not believe in the power it has, it can be seen very well from the facts and actions that we have pointed out and discussed in this article.

There is no need to leave it to chance anymore. Now it is necessary to work on the success why it is achievable. Every business that wants to succeed needs to work hard, so don’t wait too long. Start implementing this science at work, anticipate it, make decisions with it, and empower your business to become one of the successful ones. You can do it!