Planning a Trip To Sydney? 12 Things You Must Try – 2024 Guide

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Planning your vacation to Sydney? Awesome! It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. And why not? Sydney never sleeps like New York. The city has mesmerizing beaches, gardens, bars & restaurants. In short, the city has something for everyone, and you will never feel alone or bored here.

Planning a solo trip, a couple’s trip, or a vacation with friends, look no further than Sydney.

Even if you come here alone, the friendly people here will open their hearts to you. At the end of your trip, you will leave here with tons of new friends and a heart full of memories.

The most important question, though, is what to do in Sydney? There is so much to do, eat, and see and limited time. So, if you are here for a few days only, here are twelve things you must do here.

Twelve things to do in Sydney

1. Soak up Sun at the beautiful beaches

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Did you know that Sydney has more than 100 beaches? Yes, it’s true! The city is famous for its beaches. Due to the pleasant summer weather, most of the time surfing is one of the most sought-after activities here.

Every beach is almost packed every day, and it is challenging to find a good spot on weekends. Every beach in Sydney is accessible via local transport, and there is a coastal walking spot too.

You cannot cover all the 100 or so beaches. However, try to visit Manly, Bonte, Dee-why for surfing, and Palm. On these beaches, you can surf, swim, have a picnic, read a book, or chill with a beer.

2. Get lose and have fun

If you are on a solo trip, it is all about having fun and letting loose. If you are looking for some action while in Sydney, you can hire an escort. Check this out if you want to have a good time without any reservations.

3. Visit the Opera House and enjoy the show

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Sydney is synonymous with the Grand Opera House. It is a beautiful building which looks splendid at night. The shows or performances you will watch at the Opera house here are unmatched. Do not miss this at any cost!

Also, you can visit the house just to see its beauty or enjoy a decadent meal here.

4. Make the most of darling harbor

Near the Sydney city center, you can find the mesmerizing darling harbor. It is one of the most popular vacation spots for locals & tourists. Here you get to eat your heart out, enjoy live music & more while looking at the beautiful view of the river. There is so much to do here that you need a whole day to enjoy everything this place has to offer.

Some of the things to do here are:

  • Visit the Chinese garden of friendship
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Harbourside shopping-centre
  • Dockside pavilion

5. Explore the Royal botanic garden

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The beautiful royal botanic garden in Sydney has been its pride since 1816. It is the first vegetable garden of Australia. It has several flowers, trees, and ferns that will leave you mesmerized.

Enjoying the sun or walking here when the weather is light is something that you cannot miss.

6. Try the cafes

Australians love their coffee, and the cup of joe you will drink here is a bit sweet naturally. They mostly use local roast, and every café you will visit here has a unique history. The ambiance of every coffee shop here is incredible, cozy, and welcoming. Do try a few of the cafes when you are here. A fun fact, you will not find that many Starbucks here as the most-loved coffee chain didn’t survive here. People love their small & cozy café.

7. Visit the arrays of museums here

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Sydney has tons of museums, and they are free for the public. If you love art or history, you should visit the museums. There are museums of every kind, and you will love them.
One museum that you must go to is Hyde Park Barracks. It is a historical museum which shows you the life of colonial life in Sydney. A must-visit for all history buffs.

8. Hop on the ‘I am free’ tour

There is a volunteer group of free people known as ‘I am free’. They provide a tour of the entire city and guide the tourist through every monument and tourist attraction. They provide a deep meaning to everything that you see in Sydney. Their love for their city shows in the tour, which is three in the entire day. It could be the perfect start to your trip to Sydney.

9. Eat at the Quay

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Quay is one of the best restaurants in Sydney. The one-of-kind restaurant by Peter Gilmore is something you have to try. Here you can enjoy a ten-course dinner and the hospitality of the service will not go down even for a moment.

10. Try the Manly voyage ferry

The manly voyage ferry is an incredible thing to do here, and you shouldn’t miss it for the world. For locals, it is an everyday thing to do, as they use it for their daily commute. However, for a tourist, it is a wonderful spectacle. It moves past the Opera house, beaches, Sydney harbor and leaves you to beachside suburbs. Here you can enjoy bars, scenery, and restaurants to no end.

11. Have an exciting day at Luna park

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The entrance to Luna Park is hilarious and incredible. Most people go here just to take a picture in this backdrop. Here, you can enjoy multiple roller coaster rides that will raise the hair on your skin. Also, it has a romantic dinner setting in a Ferris wheel for couples to enjoy.

12. Enjoy the nightlife

Sydney is known for its night-life. Here you will find numerous bars & discs that caters to every gender. The famous ones are home and Chinese laundry.

Sydney, the beautiful city of Australia, will make you fall in love with it. Make the most of your trip using this guide, and you will want to keep coming back!