Recovery is About Progression, Not Perfection

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The journey towards a drug-free lifestyle is not a cup of cake. Several people face relapses. One should remember that this journey is all about getting better day by day and not achieving perfection in one go. It is observed; that people give up on their journey to a healthy lifestyle when they are trying to get rid of the drug on their own. On the other hand, people seeking help from proper drug rehab center stay on the path of recovery for a longer time and consequently quit taking drugs. Now is the time when people should realize that addiction is no joke anymore. It is taking people’s lives daily.

Multiple drug rehabilitation centers exist across the globe with the advancement in science and technology. Each of them is trying to bring hope to the life of their clients. Some centers are more expensive than the other ones. The expense of the center depends upon the mode of treatment adopted by the center. A tailor-made treatment plan is offered by the doctors to the clients. Insurance companies are playing a vital role, to fill in the gap of the financial crisis. The rehabilitation centers are open 24/7 to assist their clients. Moreover, telephone lines are live all the time. Multiple clients are catered at a time by different staff members.

About the Drug Rehab Centers

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The main question answered under this heading is “What is being provided by the rehabilitation center.” The center tells about the residential detoxification cottages, the location of the cottage, services provided there, and the results produced by their treatment. Details of professional and compassionate staff are also provided there. The exclusive treatment experience depends upon the quality of the team provided by the center. A quality team is formed by certificate holders staff members. The staff members have experience of several years. Leadership is strong and compassionate. The staff is evaluated based on the feedback of the clients. The process of recovery should be a genuine one and the best one at the same time.

Some of the senior staff members include the following:

  • Clinical director
  • Program director
  • Case manager
  • Clinical outreach

The details of these members must be present on the website. The details of the qualification and their experience will reveal a lot about the rehabilitation center. The center should accommodate limited clients at a time. In this way, the clients receive their treatment in a comfortable environment. The location of the center plays an important role.

The center must be located in a peaceful place, close to nature. Banbury Lodge is a great rehabilitation center for alcohol and substance abuse. You can click here to visit their site and meet the clinical team.

Gold Seal of Approval

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There are different parameters to measure the performance of the drug rehab centers. The best one so far is the gold seal of approval. If the center claims to hold a gold seal from a renowned organization, then we can counter check the claim by visiting the website of the organization. If no such claim is made on the website of the rehabilitation center then one should look for the approval of the center at the national or international level. Gold seal approval means the center is undertaking the following statements:

  • Providing a safe environment for our clients’ care
  • Educating clients about the risks and options for their diagnosis and treatment
  • Protecting our clients’ rights as a patient, including their privacy rights
  • Evaluating our clients’ condition before, during, and after diagnosis and treatment
  • Protecting clients against infection

Planning for emergencies

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Some centers keep their doors open for their clients to meet the staff at least once before making the payment or filling in the admission form. This helps a lot in terms of finalizing the center for the treatment. The centers that provide a map on the website are easy to approach. The map guides the person from different places of the globe to reach the exact location of the center. This is of great importance because if one is unable to reach the center, he can’t seek help from the center.

Programs Offered

Reaching out to the center is the first step. A lot of courage is required to admit the fact that I need to seek help regarding substance use disorder. After that, the treatment plans offered by a certain center are explored. Details of the insurance plan are gathered. A decision is made between a full detoxification plan or residential recovery. Individual cottages are offered to the more severe clients first. The respective center tries its level best to deliver more than its capacity. A short video about an insight into the activities of the center is available on the website. Images of staff members are displayed to develop an environment of confidence between the staff members and the clients.

Private Custom Care Cottages

As the name suggests, these cottages are like individual apartments to the clients. The apartments are equipped with a television, attached bathrooms, a living room, and other devices. The food is served both indoor and outdoor to the clients. The cottage is equipped with all the items necessary for a person. The clients are directed to bring their clothes and other basic necessary things. The clients are discouraged to bring in any harmful thing like a knife or a gun. Precious things like jewelry and cash are also discouraged by the staff members.

The family members are allowed to meet their loved ones on the weekends. The clients form a bond with other people living in the private custom care cottages. Some of them remain friends even after leaving the center. Private custom care cottages are full of success stories. The results produced by these centers are long-lasting. The company of friends gained through these centers acts as a trigger and support system to keep one moving on the right path. A person enjoys his stay in the center. In this way, the clients learn to fight their addiction. For further details, look at this site.