New Trend: Custom Paint By Number Kits

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In earlier times, people had to spend months learning how to paint. Creating a masterpiece used to be a tough job even after months of practice, but things have changed now. Fortunately, there is no need to learn from a professional anymore, when your first project can be a masterpiece. Yes, you can create an amazing painting even if it’s your first time, and you will be able to finish the job in hours.

Paint by number kits has made it easier than ever to create paintings at home. You can do the job with perfection without having to rely on a professional. In this article, we will discuss how to use such a kit, and we will also talk about the advantages of using them.

How to use a custom paint by number kit?

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In a paint by number kit, you will get a set of paint-boxes, a board, a paint-brush set, and a set of instructions. You can even turn your photo into a painting by ordering custom paint by number kit. On some services, you can convert a photo to paint by number pattern, and the kit will be delivered to the provided address.

The most important part of the kit is the board that you will receive in the package, and it will have boundaries drawn on it. Some boundaries will cover small areas, and some will cover large ones depending on the image you choose. There will be numbers marked in each area, and these numbers are going to play a key role here. You may see a number more than once, so it’s important to check the board properly.

You will find numbers on the paint-boxes as well, and you will have to match these numbers to the ones written on the board. The paint-box marked with the number ‘2’ will be used in the area marked with the same number. This means you won’t have to worry about making a color combination to finish your painting, as everything will be sent ready to you. But you will need to follow the instructions carefully to avoid messing up the painting.

If you don’t mess up the boundaries, you will be able to create an amazing painting of your own choice within hours. People will appreciate your work if they like it, and this will boost your confidence, which is going to prove helpful in the initial stages. Now, let’s talk about the advantages of using such kits.

Advantage of using paint by number kits

1. No experience needed

You don’t have to be an experienced artist to create a painting of your choice if you own paint by number kit. If you have read this article carefully until now, you will know how easy it is to use these kits. These kits are designed to make the job simpler for beginners, and experts can also use them. So, if you want to create a painting of your loved ones, you don’t have to pay a professional when the job can be done at home.

2. No need to worry about color combinations

Painting can be fun, but creating a new color by mixing two or more colors can be frustrating at times. You will need to use the right amount of each color to match your requirements, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about color combinations if you choose to paint by number kit. Each color required in the painting will be sent to you, and you will just need to apply it in the right areas. You may enjoy using different color pallets while drawing comic book characters step-by-step, since they all represent a remarkable mix of colors.

3. You will know what needs to be done

When you create a painting using normal methods, you will need to think about a lot of things. You will need to think about where to start from, and how to proceed after finishing a part of the painting. In short, you will face a new challenge at every step, and things can get difficult in such cases.

Well, you won’t have to worry about any of the above-mentioned issues if you choose to paint by number kit. You can start by painting from anywhere on the board, and you will know what to do next. However, it’s better to cover all the smaller areas first or all the larger areas first. This way, you are less likely to cross the borderlines drawn on the board, and your painting will have a nice finish.

4. It will motivate you to create more paintings

If you fail to finish a painting, it may affect your confidence levels. This is something that you wouldn’t want, as you wouldn’t find the motivation to keep moving in such a case. Well, this is unlikely to happen if you use a custom kit, as you will have everything ready, and the job will also be done with ease.

When you finish a painting with perfection, you will find the motivation to create another one. The same will happen every time you finish a project, and soon you will gain a lot of experience in the field.

So, these are the advantages of using paint by numbers kits. These kits have gained popularity in different parts of the world, and the biggest reason for their popularity is the fact that people of all age groups can use them. Also, every item needed to do the job is sent to you in the package, which means there is no need to buy anything separately. If you buy a kit from the official website of PaintingKits, you can start working on your painting right after receiving the package.


In this article, we discussed how to use custom paint by number kit. We also talked about the advantages of using these kits. If you have read this article carefully, you will be able to create paintings of your choice within hours. People from different parts of the world are using these kits, so if you haven’t used them, it’s time to get one.