Courtney Love Is Unrecognizable While Walking With Ex-Stripper Boyfriend

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    The widow of late musician Kurt Cobain, 55-year-old Courtney Love, was spotted while walking on the streets of London in the company of former stripper Alex Hemsley.

    Judging by the stories they posted on their Instagram profiles, Courtney and 24-years younger Alex were in quarantine together in London. Not much has been written about their relationship so far, and it is known that Alex worked as a stripper in nightclubs in his younger days so that he could pay for his law studies in Bristol.

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    “Why would I work as a half-naked waiter at hen nights and parties full of raucous, tipsy women? Because the £25-an-hour rate, which can see me earn around £1,500 a month at busy times, means I can pay my way through uni. The maintenance loan I receive is only £2,000 a year, yet my rent alone is £500 a month”, he said on one occasion.

    It was the first time Courtney had appeared in public after she recently revealed she was sober for a full 18 months, but also the first time she had been caught with a young entrepreneur boyfriend.

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    She became famous as a singer and actress in the early 90’s on the grunge scene, which then became a real planetary hit. Her love affair with Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain, with whom she had a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, rose to stardom. She worked for a while as a stripper, prostitute, and dancer, and her life was marked by heroin addictions and other hard drugs abuse, which affected her appearance a lot.

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    28 years ago , we got married , in Honolulu, on Waikiki beach ? tonight spoke to sponsor , I .. Lit some candles ? chanted ,diamoku , Walked my dog ? . Went to sushi with my best friend , the closest I have to another one. 28 years ago I recall feeling , deeply , delighted , dizzy , so in love, and knowing how lucky I was . This man was an angel. i thank him for looking out for me , many parts of the the last 28 years have been torturous chaotic and uphill, and in public? That is the darkest shit imaginable, it almost tapped my resilience , almost . but between Kurt’s strange amazing divinity , and the honor of a few true friends , the gift of desperation and sobriety . Of a Higher power and of love , and of empathy , I’m here now. It’ll be ok ,fuck , I see him on the shore . Rocking in the free world. My husband.

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