3 Crucial Tips for Travelers Who Wouldn’t Like to Miss Any of the Sport Events

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After what seemed like an eternity, live sports finally resumed around the world. Whether you are a fan of the MLB, NBA, Premier League, or anything else, it’s finally possible to see some fantastic head-to-head live-action again.

With things slowly getting back to normal, you may be struggling with how exactly you can stream all the sports events you want to watch. This gets doubly complicated if you’re traveling or have been stuck for months far from home.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of essential tips that all sports fans must be aware of.

Tip 1: Get a VPN

The biggest question is how can you be a sports fan nowadays and not have a VPN already? VPNs have so many benefits for game fans (and everybody else for that matter). See more information here.

A VPN or virtual private network works by concealing your real IP address and encrypting your internet connection. In the process, you can also connect to servers in remote locations and unlock local content from there.

For example, if you’re a Chicago Bulls fan, but you live in Mexico, you can connect to a Chicago server and stream it from one of the local platforms there. The same goes with any other league around the world. As long as it’s broadcast online and there’s a VPN server nearby, then you should be able to stream the game as if you were actually there in person.

How does using a VPN prevent you from miss sports events?

It already should be clear that the most significant thing they do is remove barriers to watching the game in the first place.

The list of uses is virtually endless, and we’re not just talking about benefits for travelers. Many people now use VPNs to bypass local game blackouts so they can enjoy sports from home.

In addition, you can use a VPN to access dedicated online platforms that may be locked to only one country. With NFL Gamepass, you can watch any of the games from a given week. But it doesn’t work in Canada. So, turn on your VPN, select the right server, and then you’ll be streaming current and past games in seconds.

How Can I Use a VPN?

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You have a few options. The easiest way, especially for travelers, is downloading a VPN on your computer and watching games from there. If you want to watch a bigger screen, you can use an HDMI cord or a casting box.

But there are other options. If you have access to the router, then you can download a VPN there. The added benefit to this is you’ll be able to protect all devices connected to the router. Likewise, some TVs are also compatible with VPN apps.

Finally, most VPNs also have mobile apps, so you can also stream directly from your device. Check here for more information.

Tip 2: Test Your Streams in Advance

Once you’ve selected the right VPN and have tested it out, you then have to be ready to use it. Streaming from a remote location is often not as easy as just flipping on the TV. Usually, something goes wrong at the last second, particularly if you do not use officially sanctioned channels like NBA TV, MLB TV, etc.

We’re not here to lecture you on whether it’s moral to use these or not. But you do need to plan ahead. Test out the different streams and servers to make sure you’re getting the performance you’d need to watch the game.

If you’ve selected a quality VPN, the problem won’t be coming from there. Rather, it’s the quality of these streams that you have to pay attention to. Even if you find a perfect one, have a backup you can use just in case that one goes down for any reason.

What often happens is they start out working fine, but as more people access it, it begins to suffer lagging issues. That’s why you also want to have an alternative you can connect to immediately.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget The Little Details

You’ve got the perfect VPN for live sports. You also have found an HD steam or have one of those fancy official platforms at your disposal. Now, all that’s left is a little common-sense preparation.

The most difficult thing for travelers is getting the timing right. It’s easy to forget that you’re in a different time zone. Use a scheduling tool like Google Calendar that will automatically adjust to time zones and remind you well in advance, so you don’t miss a second of the game.

It sounds silly, but make sure your laptop, speakers, headphones, and everything else you need is charged. If you’re staying at a hotel, there may not be an available power outlet near the TV, and you don’t want your battery to die right at the crucial moment. Even entering power-saving mode impacts your computer performance and thus puts your viewing experience at risk.

You can’t really enjoy a live sports match without your favorite game-day snacks, a comfortable chair, a few beverages, and maybe some a chat group with all your friends at home. These are the things you’d never forget while at home. Make sure you don’t while you’re traveling.

Finally, if you do have to watch a game late for whatever reason, then you need to turn-off all sports-related notifications. You don’t want to get a Twitter update that your team lost right as you finally sit down to watch.

Stream Live Sports Like an Absolute Pro

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The live sports season has finally returned. After such a long delay, you owe it yourself to not miss any games. So, begin by finding the right VPN for your streaming needs.

Next, test out the platforms and streams you’re going to use to make sure they offer a quality experience. And don’t forget the little things that make or break the gaming experience like snacks and chat groups.

Never miss a game again. Start acting on these tips and strategies now!