NFL Player Sues United Airlines for Being Sexually Assaulted on Flight

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An anonymous NFL player says that he was sexually assaulted on a United Airlines plane and claims that the flight attendant did not do much to stop it, and now he is suing them.

The player, who uses the pseudonym “John Do 1” in a new lawsuit says on February 10, 2024, that a woman “sexually assaulted and harassed” him during the flight. The unidentified football player says that the trip from Los Angeles to New Jersey was a complete nightmare and was made worse by officials.

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The man says that he took his place in the middle seat, and when the woman sat on the window seat next to him, she immediately disturbed him because of the safety mask he was wearing, athlete claims. The football player says that he told her that it was due to the growing coronavirus pandemic, but he claims that the woman started to harass him and to elbow him before he demanded to change the seats.

The man says that he and his friend, who was identified as “John Do 2”, watched the woman take some pills and believe that she was under that influence. The NFL player claims that a friend got up to tell the flight attendants about the woman who is harassing him, but he says that they did nothing about it.

He further claims that the woman then sexually assaulted him by squeezing and massaging his knees and thighs. He claims that his friend got up again to inform the flight attendant, but he says that nothing has been done yet.

An NFL player claims the woman began “intensifying” her sexual assault, “grabbing him and squeezing his thighs, then shifting her head into his lap toward the inside of his legs near his genitals.”

He says he immediately got up and begged the flight attendant to stop the woman … but says the United Airlines staff did nothing more than verbally warn the woman. The athlete then says that the woman grabbed him by the penis and took off his mask – forcing him to jump and run towards the stewards.

Finally, the NFL player claims that the United Airlines flight attendants only then approached and moved the woman to the second row without passengers. Players have been given $ 150 vouchers for their problems, but are now suing and seeking damages for negligence, causing emotional distress and more.