6 Reasons To Choose The Philippines For Your Destination Wedding

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Weddings are happy events that celebrate the joining of two people whose spirits become one in a holy ceremony. The wedding location is therefore a crucial aspect of the big day.

Some couples envision spending their special day watching the sunset on a tropical beach, while others want to ship out their families & friends to their favorite spot.

Nothing surpasses a wedding on a Philippine island for such sweethearts. Many of the beaches in this magnificent archipelago will offer you the perfect sunset for your beach wedding. Without further ado, here is why this might be the perfect destination for your wedding.

6 Reasons to Choose the Philippines for Your Destination Wedding

1. A ton of islands to choose from

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One of the best reasons to visit the Philippines is to enjoy its many beautiful islands and beaches. Trying to name everything for which the Philippines is famous could take a full day.

Nonetheless, the Philippines’ pristine beaches are a major draw for tourists from all over the world, and the top 10 countries that visit the Philippines most often consistently rank the Philippines among the best islands in the world.

From all corners of the globe, many people yearn to visit the beautiful island. Boracay’s white sand beaches have long been its claim to fame, but the island’s recent revitalization as a destination for exciting nightlife and outstanding water sports has only added to its allure. If you need help planning your wedding and you’re in need of the perfect spot, check out tagaytay wedding and let them organize it for you!

2. Filipino service is top tier

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Globally, Filipinos are known for their professionalism and tenacity. Additionally, people from all over the world value their hard work, honesty, and integrity.

Though Filipinos are renowned for their tolerance and willingness to break the law, wedding guests shouldn’t worry, as everything is always done in style & fashion.

Even if requests are made a few days before the wedding, they can accommodate them in terms of service level and quality.

The last thing a couple wants to do is waste time spent organizing and preparing. With the right, skilled & professional team, everything is possible!

3. Great beach options

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You can enjoy plenty of beaches for weddings with the sand between your toes and a rose gold sunset as a backdrop for mesmerizing pictures.

Some of the most popular options are:

Kandaya Cebu – Kandaya’s beautiful sand beach is surrounded by thick vegetation. It’s simple to see why so many couples pick Kandaya for their wedding. Marinduque’s Bellarocca Resort – Want a nontraditional Greek wedding? Bellarocca is a small island off Buenavista. Book a cliffside villa with infinity pools that extend towards the sky for your ceremony and honeymoon to get the best experience.

Crimson Cebu – Crimson Hotel in Cebu is perfect for beach weddings and champagne toasts. This resort takes care of everything, and its magnificent location will create lasting memories for the couple, as well as their families.

4. Delicious food

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The Philippines, with its 7,000 islands and rich history, boasts numerous delectable cuisine. If you want to go all out and eat well, this is how you can do it! Filipino food isn’t only balut (duck embryo). Popular Filipino dishes include adobo and sinigang.

Vinegar and soy sauce marinade pork or chicken is something that all guests are going to love. Sinigang is another Filipino must-try. It comes in pork and seafood variations, perfect for anyone’s stomach since it can be adjusted per your preference. Its sour and spicy taste is popular.

Some may not like balut, isaw (pork and chicken intestines), or the fact that Filipinos eat with their hands. However, this can also be customized.

5. Great value for your money

Did you know that the national median for a wedding in the United States is $20,000? A dream wedding in the Philippines is within your financial reach with this amount. As a result of the peso’s strength, nuptials in the Philippines offer the best value for money to couples from all over the world. Couples can tie the knot for 40 times less money than they would pay elsewhere because 1 USD = 40++.

Customers are comfortable inquiring further about wedding and honeymoon packages since they know they will not go bankrupt as a result of an overly lavish ceremony and reception. If you are on a budget just know that anything is possible in this country.

6. Adventures bride options

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You may want an off-the-beaten-path scenic spot. Not all brides prefer beach weddings, you know. These places aren’t for faint-hearted or large groups. If your dream wedding involves out-of-this-world scenery, these three venues are calling your name.

Benguet’s Mount Pulag – Mount Pulag offers an incredible atmosphere above the clouds, and it is a tricky spot to get to. It’s a six-hour trek to the top of the vista. Once there, the Milky Way and clouds offer a galaxy backdrop.

Daraga, Mayon-Albay – the photographs of Mount Mayon erupting made this place renowned & popular all over again. You can choose from many ceremony settings when visiting it.

The active volcano in your couple’s photos will highlight how explosive your love is. Since the volcano is active, you may need to postpone your wedding if evacuations are ordered.

Northern Samar’s Sila – Sila Island is the Philippines’ unique pink-sand beach. Rose gold fans will love this place, especially if they can catch the golden sunset rays on the pink beaches. Sila Island is accessible by practically every method of transportation. The lack of accessibility makes it one of the Philippines’ least crowded and serene islands, which is perfect for those private couples.

And there you have it! Are you ready for your next big destination? Couples who plan on getting married should definitely consider the Philippines. Plan it all out ahead and consider booking in advance to get the best deal possible.