Laurel Budapest ─ Elevating Fine Dining in the Heart of Hungary


Located in the enchanting city of Budapest, Hungary, Laurel Budapest has been a celebrated name in the world of fine dining.

Known for its commitment to modern, contemporary Hungarian gastronomy, the restaurant has recently undergone a significant transformation under the leadership of Zsuzsi Ötvös and Dávid Szabó.

This dynamic duo has crafted an enticing winter menu that promises innovation, creativity, and a taste of Hungary like never before.

New Leadership at Laurel

In a much-anticipated announcement, Zsuzsi Ötvös and Dávid Szabó have taken charge of Laurel fine dining Budapest‘s culinary journey. As the pastry chef and head chef, they bring their unique talents and vision to the forefront, steering the restaurant towards new horizons. Their collaboration has resulted in an array of delectable dishes that are now available on the winter menu.

A Winter Wonderland of Flavors


Laurel Budapest’s winter menu is a testament to the culinary prowess of Zsuzsi and Dávid. While maintaining their dedication to modern Hungarian gastronomy, they have introduced a range of innovative dishes. Some highlights from the menu include:

  • French toast, blood pudding, balaton cheese ─ A harmonious blend of textures and flavors, this dish is a masterpiece that showcases the creativity of Laurel’s new culinary team.
  • Venison loin, beetroot, nudli ─ A perfect representation of seasonal ingredients, this dish is a symphony of earthy flavors, beautifully presented on the plate.
  • Chestnut, malt, sour cherry ─ The main dessert of the season, this decadent creation is a delightful combination of sweet and tart elements that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Vegan Delights and Gluten-free Sensitivity


Laurel Restaurant Budapest‘s commitment to inclusivity extends to its vegan offerings. The star of their vegan menu is celery, which is featured in various forms – as a purée, a filling, thinly sliced, and pickled on the plate. Waste is minimized as even the unused parts of celery are put to good use in creating a golden celery water, simmered at low heat for an astonishing 12 hours.

Moreover, Laurel Budapest ensures that most, if not all, of its vegan dishes are gluten-free, catering to a broader spectrum of dietary preferences. The vegan main dessert is a masterpiece that features dark chocolate from the Philippines by Fabric, a small Hungarian bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer. The dessert includes a cocoa tart shell, chocolate mousse, salty almond praline, and fig sorbet, topped with a fresh meringue made from aquafaba and flavored with hibiscus.

The Laurel Trezor Club ─ A Wine Lover’s Paradise


For those seeking an exclusive Christmas gift, Laurel offers the opportunity to rent one of their trezors for a year. This is a perfect gift for wine enthusiasts, and Laurel’s expert team is more than happy to assist in selecting the first bottle of champagne or wine to complete the surprise.

The Laurel Trezor Club, under the guidance of Péter Tüű, offers professional private wine trezor services. Trezor owners receive expert advice on acquiring rare wines, ensuring proper storage, and maintaining an up-to-date inventory of their wine collection. As a bonus, trezor owners also enjoy invitations to private events and regular customer discounts during their visits to the restaurant.

Laurel Xmas Box ─ The Ultimate Gift of Culinary Delight


This Christmas, give the gift of a Laurel experience with the special Laurel Xmas Box. The box includes a dinner voucher for two, a bottle of Laurel Extra Brut sparkling wine, a portion of homemade zakuszka, a jar of Zsuzsi’s granola, and a delightful Laurel cookie. It’s the perfect way to share the magic of Laurel with your loved ones during the festive season.

In conclusion, Laurel Budapest continues to be a beacon of fine dining Budapest in the heart of Hungary, and with the talented leadership of Zsuzsi Ötvös and Dávid Szabó, it promises an exciting culinary journey for all who step through its doors. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a lover of innovative cuisine, Laurel offers an experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds and your heart.