How To Choose A Great Wedding Venue


Planning a wedding is an exciting experience, filled with a multitude of decisions that you have to make. One of the most important choices to make is where the wedding is going to be held; you’ll need to find the ideal wedding venue for you, and it’s vital that you get it right. After all, the wedding venue sets the tone for the whole event and provides a backdrop for photos that will become important memories.

With so many options available, it can be a challenge to find the one venue that really is the best one for your wedding. With that in mind, keep reading to find out what you should be looking for to help you find a great wedding venue you’ll love.

What’s Your Vision?


Before you can choose a wedding venue, you’ll need to take the time to work out what it is you really want. Think about the theme, what atmosphere you want to create, and the style of the wedding you’re having. You might want a romantic garden, or perhaps you want a sophisticated and classic ballroom. You might even prefer a beautiful banquet room like you can find at The Venue at Friendship Springs.

Once you know what it is you want, you can narrow down your options to ensure you don’t have to compromise on your important vision and that you don’t start to get overwhelmed because there are so many potential wedding venues to choose from. Doing what you can to make a shortlist is the best way to start and will help you stay calm and focused.



Something you really do need to think about is the location of the wedding venue. It will need to be in a place that people can get to easily, and if you are having your ceremony elsewhere and then traveling to the venue for your reception, it’s crucial to pick somewhere that’s easy to find (so you don’t lose a lot of guests along the way), and that doesn’t take too long to get to, as you’ll miss out on a lot of time when you could be celebrating.

You should also consider public transport, the availability of taxis, and good roads. People aren’t going to be happy to go to a place that’s not only hard to get to but that they have to worry about when it’s time to leave. They won’t be able to enjoy the party and might even leave early or decline the invitation if the venue is in a bad location.

Your Budget


Having a wedding budget is a vital element of planning your big day, and a lot of the time, the majority of that budget will go to the venue. You’ll need to make sure that you’re not overspending when it comes to picking the right wedding venue, as this might mean you have to compromise on other elements that you’ll come to regret.

Make sure you have a figure in mind that you’re happy with before you start asking for pricing from the potential venues. In this way, you’ll instantly know which venues are going to work and which ones you should take off the list. Again, this helps to narrow things down, but it also means you can have the wedding you really want because you didn’t overspend on the venue.