5 Most Popular Sports Leagues In The World For betting

While it may seem easy, betting can actually be many things, but not that easy, as there are too many leagues to wager on, but there are also too many games and so many events to choose from in just one match. That is why it is necessary to be well-informed about some sport and follow the news related to them. Also, it can be crucial to check the statistics, which, although it cannot always predict the outcome, can be of great help.
Many rely on luck, and we all know that sometimes a good fortune can lead to gain, but that is pretty rare, so knowledge is still crucial. Luck can help a lot, and usually, beginners are the ones who have it, but relying solely on it, can lead to huge losses.

Since that’s the case, it is always a better solution to research the team and the league before betting on it and try to do it rationally. For those looking for a reliable betting website, bookmakeradvisor has a great deal, and it is worth checking as you will also get some of the best reviews about the bookies and find out which one has the best odds. And for those who are still wondering what sports leagues are the most popular, this text should resolve some doubts, so continue reading.


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For basketball fans, the NBA league is the most significant and exciting competition in the world. Although played in the USA, it is pretty popular everywhere in the world since there are many players from around the globe who went to the NBA and made their name there. It is the most popular but also the best basketball league in the world, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that so many people are wagering on NBA games. It is often unpredictable, so it is a challenge for those who lack gambling experience. Because of its popularity, there are many options to bet on, so you don’t always have to think only about the final outcome, as it is possible to wager on the number of points of one team and the number of points of each player. The possibilities are numerous, so all it takes is a love of basketball and a little knowledge.


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The NFL is one of the most challenging and demanding sports for both the players and those who follow it. Although this sport is the most popular in the USA, it’s gathering more and more popularity across the world. The fans are not only watching and supporting their favorite team but also placing a bet on it. Because of that, it is gaining more and more fame, and wagering on it is becoming more and more interesting for every fan. The outcome of the NFL game is hard to predict, but it is for sure exciting to guess who will get the first possession, who will score first, and whether that would be by a touchdown or field goal. The options are vast, and choosing the best one to wager on can be tough, but amusement will be high.


Everyone who loves football follows the EPL, and there are many reasons for that, but the main one being that the league is unpredictable, which makes guessing the outcome of some much even more interesting and exciting. It can often happen that the favorite loses to the team at the bottom of the table, which can bring a lot of money to the people who bet. Although it is very important to follow the statistics, news, previous games, and their head-to-head games, in EPL, luck, and faith are sometimes crucial, so betting on it is probably not for those who strictly look only at the stats.

Serie A

The Italian league used to be considered one of the most interesting. Unfortunately, over time, there was more and more match-fixing (Calciopoli), which led to a huge drop in support. After that, the league became uninteresting because the favorites were too good for the rest of the league, meaning that we would already know which teams will be in the top half of the table and which ones will fight not to get relegated. Fortunately, that has changed, and today, Serie A is once again enjoyable and exciting for both watching and betting. The matches are much more interesting, and there are a lot of derbies where it is difficult to guess the winner regardless of their position on the table because winning the derby is the most important for most teams. That is why betting is an uncertain thing, and the odds are good, which can bring a big gain for those who have little knowledge and, of course, luck.


The only more prestigious competition than the European Championship, when it comes to football, is the World Cup. Qualifications are quite difficult, and it is not easy to get among those national teams that will fight for the prestigious title. Although it is held every four years, this is a real holiday and a joy to watch for true football fans, for which they take time, both to watch and to bet. As it is always difficult to predict a winner between so many remarkable teams, a large number of matches is a good opportunity to win money, so this competition is why many decide to try their luck.

The bottom line

While it is pretty tough to decide which competition is the best among so many phenomenal sports, these are some of the best that you should pay attention to, and for many reasons. Of course, all this depends on personal preferences, what games we care the most about, love watching, and enjoy guessing the winner. The most important thing to make money from placing money on some event is to have the right information and go with the game you are familiar with. Of course, that does not guarantee that you will make money, but love for a sport and knowing so much about it can be of great help.