How Unpredictable Are The World Cup Matches For Bettors?


We are all waiting for the start of the World Cup that is starting soon. There are many interesting groups. Also, a lot of people are already trying to determine who has the best chance to win. According to the bookies, that is Brazil, followed by France and Argentina.

However, we all know that this competition is always full of surprises. The best example of that can be seen on the previous tournament in Russia, where Croatia was playing in the final. Moreover, keep in mind that the odds will change after the start. Therefore, if you think that some underdog might surprise with great results, this might be the best time to place money on that team. If you want to use a great app to bet on World Cup, check out 4rabet apk download.

Main Favorites


It is not a surprise that Brazil is one of the main favorites to win this competition. They have a great team and each position is covered by a superstar. The even more important detail is that they have a lot of options on the bench as well. Some of the best players are Neymar, Casemiro, Allison, Vinicius Junior, and more.

The winner of the previous tournament, France, is also having an amazing team. They have some improvements when compared to the previous tournament, especially with the fact that Benzema will play now. The third in the list is Argentina, and it would not be a surprise for a team that has Messi to win it after a long time.

Potential Surprises


The main reason why it will be difficult to predict some results is that there are so many teams that have great quality even though they are marked as underdogs. For example, South Korea might manage to make a surprise led by an excellent Son. The odds are saying that they have the highest chance of ending as last in their group. However, keep in mind that they are capable of playing on the highest level.

When it comes to group B, keep in mind that Wales has some great players, led by the start Gareth Bale. Therefore, even though it is predicted that England will easily get first place in this group, both USA and Wales could manage that as well. Also, don’t forget that Iran always plays decently and that they have a powerful defense, which can make things even more complicated.

Another team that we have to mention is Serbia. They are positioned lower than Switzerland in their group where they will also play with Brazil and Cameron. However, they are showing excellent advance in form and tactics, and it won’t be a surprise to see them winning against Switzerland, while it won’t be easy for Brazil against this team as well.

Last Words

There is a big difference between standard leagues and World Cup. That is especially the case because of the fact that players here are representing their own countries, which means even more effort and motivation for good results. We are going to enjoy in a lot of interesting games where small details can make a huge difference and determine the teams that will reach the play-off.