Child Support in UAE

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As per UAE Law, if the marriage is registered in UAE, and he is having residence in UAE then the wife can also ask for Child Support or Maintenance. It is not necessary that the lady has to be in Wed-Lock or not(as a divorcee). Even if the lady is in wed-lock she can ask for child support as well as Nafaqah.

Nafaqah is only dropped when the wife is not a wife anymore. Let us tell you one more thing, the wife has a right to open a case against the husband if he is not paying the child support. The wife/Lady can obtain the court orders and the husband/man is bound to pay.

If the amount is not paid to the mother/lady after the court execution orders then the court issues the arrest warrant for the male/father. A travel ban can also be put in, which is a must. Child Support is the right of every mother in wedlock as a wife or after the divorce as a divorcee.

There are a number of top Family Lawyers and Legal Consultants available in the UAE for the services. Especially, Dubai Lawyers are considered the best in this way. Lawyers in Dubai are also very much popular in UAE, in lawmaking.

Considerations When Selecting a Divorce Lawyer

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Once you have narrowed down the list, there are several aspects to consider when selecting the Best Divorce Attorney in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

The Attorney’s Past Performance

The first thing you should do is investigate your prospective attorney’s track record. They should at least be qualified, and you may be able to brag about their notable victories. Examine the cases they’ve handled, their various outcomes, and how long it took to resolve them.

You can book a very comprehensive kind of meeting with him, and ask him to provide you with the results he has provided before as well as the course of action he applies for different kinds of cases.


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A competent divorce attorney should be dependable and accountable. You should avoid hiring a regularly late lawyer who makes unfulfillable promises since you will end up paying for their blunders. If your prospective attorneys are frequently late, they may be unable to satisfy your case’s deadlines.

Reliability is one of the most important factors. Let’s assume the Advocate is the best in town, the best in the region and the best in the country, but he is not very disciplined and responsible. He can also be compromised, or he can also be used by the counterparty. Then it means, one should avoid hiring such lawyers.

The best part of the business is to make rational decisions, therefore we need to seriously check the reliability of the Lawyer.

The Attorney’s Discretion

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You must select an attorney who understands confidentiality and discretion. If you want your divorce process to remain as private as possible, you will not want information about your case to become public.

Personal secrets should stay private; only confide in an attorney who will keep whatever information you disclose confidentially. The client has the option to sign an NDA with the lawyer. Any breach will cause the lawyer,


Qualified divorce lawyers in Dubai must have substantial experience handling family law cases, including divorce and child custody. You will need a lawyer who knows the country’s laws and court system for them to advise you throughout your case.


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Ensure the attorney you hire is adaptable and willing to work with you. A competent attorney will be able to accommodate your schedule and will be accessible at all times.

If you seek a long-term connection, keep in mind that these lawyers in Dubai may not provide the same level of dependability or accessibility.

Achievement in Litigation

When selecting the top divorce attorney in Dubai, ensure they have an established track record. A long-standing practice frequently indicates that you’re dealing with an expert who can be relied upon. You may even wish to contact the attorney’s former clients to find out what they thought of their services.

Payment Options

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Finally, you will want to investigate the cost of your prospective attorneys’ services. Make sure they offer payment plans or various price structures that meet your demands if you are on a tight budget.

You should never feel obligated to spend more than you can comfortably afford; the attorney should adjust to your budget, not the other way around.