Brazilian Butt Lift [BBL] – Procedure, Benefits, And Post Procedure Expectations


Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic low-invasive surgery process, which involves fat transfer from a body part to create a full and round butt area. The liposuction technique is used to remove excess fat from the thighs, lower back, hips, and abdomen.

The surgeon inserts a cannula [thin tube], which is connected to a vacuum for extracting. The extracted fat is then prepared for transfer in buttock areas to improve size and shape using a special injection. For a liposuction procedure, you need to approach an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Ongoing practice in body sculpting allows the surgeon to sharpen their eye and hand skills. If you reside around Scottsdale in Arizona, visit to get an idea of how the specialist surgeons take efforts in offering you flattering booties without spending hours on a treadmill or do cardio.

Benefits of BBL

  • Enhances body proportions and gains an ideal body shape.
  • Reduces fat pockets from areas you desire to lose the unwanted fat like stomach, hip, love handles, and thighs.
  • Unlike artificial fillers and implants, BBL gives you a natural feel and look.
  • Adds perkiness and fullness to your flat buttocks.
  • Results are quicker than spending hours squatting every day.
  • Clothes look more flattering.
  • The visible cellulite you have becomes less visible because the butt gets full and firm.
  • It is a safe butt enhancement method to augment body curves.

Patients eligible for BBL are the ones who have lost natural curves because of change in weight or age and desire a youthful sexy shape. BBL is a low risk than implants yet you need to be aware of the side effects like –

  • Pain
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Lumps in injected or suctioned areas
  • Fat embolism risk
  • Skin loss in treated areas because of deep infection
  • Buttocks can fail to accept the grafted fat.

BBL recovery and expectations


The recovery period can be intimidating for some patients post BBL surgery. Here are some things to expect post the butt lift.

The butt may look shockingly big post-procedure


There will be swelling, which will make the butt area look significantly big or asymmetrical. In BBL, fat is taken from other body parts and transferred to the butt. Around 30% to 40% grafted fat is reabsorbed within the bloodstream.

Therefore, if your desire to gain a specific size then going bigger is essential because all the fat grafted does not stay. After six weeks of VVL surgery, you will acquire an idea of how much-grafted fat is retained. Ensure to maintain a stable weight, so there is not loss of fat!

Recover process differs


There is no standard time of recovery from BBL. You will be given a tailored post-op precautionary list like how much time is needed to wear the compression garment based on your skin’s elasticity level that is determined within a week of your surgery.

You will need to follow instructions and tips like sleep on the stomach for 6 weeks as well as use a pillow while sitting. When you can go back to work will depend on surgery complexity and your occupation. In general, patients feel normal and go back to their routine activities within 4 to 6 weeks post-procedure.

Post-op care needs new gear


For swelling control and better body shaping, the patients will need to wear a compression garment. You can put other clothes on top to avoid feeling conscious. You will also need a specially designed butt pillow to sit for 6 weeks during recovery.

How much to sit post BBL procedure?


Pressure on the butts can interfere with the grafted fat survival. Therefore avoid sitting until the doctor gives a thumbs up yet you will be allowed to sit on the BBL pillow for 6 weeks. You can feel awkward sitting on a BBL pillow in public but bear with this. Concentrate on the new body shape and avoid the rest!

Minor discomfort and bruising

It is expected because fat suctioned and grafted in the butt areas will possibly leave bruising after the process. The bruising is temporary and will fade in a couple of weeks. You may feel sore but ignore this discomfort. The doctor may prescribe pain killers to manage minor discomfort, which will quickly subside.

Keep your weight loss regime aside

During the BBL recovery process, avoid the weight loss effort. The grafted fat cells need time to establish, especially in the early stages as they are fragile. Maintaining a stable weight will offer good results. A well-balanced diet helps to offer the body the necessary vitamins and minerals to recover.

Butt and overall body profile is improved simultaneously

The surgeons make sure that your body looks symmetrical, proportionate, and ideally contoured. Excess fat from troubled spots is simultaneously removed with liposuction to give the necessary boost to your butt, it helps to enhance the overall body profile at the same time.

Update your wardrobe


With sudden roundness and full buttocks, there will be a need to update your wardrobe because you desire to wear clothes that flatter your figure. Look for outfit inspiration online to learn ways to update your wardrobe.

Feel motivated and incline towards a healthy lifestyle

For maintaining the perky look for the butt, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After the grafted fat is established and you have healed the butt shape will be near to permanents. The working of grafted fat starts functioning like other body fat cells. Healthy weight management helps to enjoy the BBL procedure results.

Never go crazy with dieting or intense workouts. Regular exercise and a well-balanced diet help to enhance the healthy new shape. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle will not appear to be a burden anymore. You will not want to ruin the butt shape and motivate you from staying away from fast food.

Butt obsession is a possibility

As your lifestyle will revolve around the recovery and management of the butt shape, it is normal to feel obsessed. You will check your butt consistently in the mirror for the first 3 to 4 months. With a fabulous figure, you may stock plenty of bathing suits. It is fine, embrace the new body!