Boosting in World of Warcraft TBC Classic


In June 2024 Blizzard released Classic World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade. All lovers of vanilla were able to break into The Outland Zone, meet old heroes and go on their favorite raids. The game servers met with an unprecedented influx of both old and new players. Well, those who wanted to stay in the current content continued to farm the raid dungeons of the Shadowlands.

The Burning Crusade storyline will tell about new characters. Heroes The Azeroth must travel to another planet to stop the TBC boost traitor Illidan Stormrage and the Legion army that wants to take over Sunwell. Players will find many new locations, quests, and new bosses. The final stage at a high-level content will be the development of the raid dungeon.

What is Boosting?


The new add-on has a lot of achievements, awards, and unique accessories. If something doesn’t work out for you, you can always use the services of boosting or coaching. Professional players who have received most of the achievements will easily tell or do difficult tasks for you so that rare rewards remain on your account.

On third-party sites, you can order character upgrades for gold or real money. The main thing is to share your account so that another user can log in to your hero and start doing tasks. You don’t have to worry about account security, because Blizzard has provided factor authentication.

New content Crusade

Burning The Burning Crusade starts at level 60. Players will have to upgrade their character to 70 using new locations, tasks, and monsters. Secondary professions also remained, new resources, grass, fish, and more appeared. The final content is unlocked upon reaching level 70. The whole addition is divided into several main patches:

  • 2.0.1 Before Storm;
  • 2.0.3 The Burning Crusade;
  • 2.1 Black temple;
  • 2.3.0 Gods of Zul’Aman;
  • 2.4.0 Fury of Sunwell.

Currently in The Burning Crusade installed patch Fury of Sunwell. This is the final content before the next Wraith of The Lich King. The developers did their best by adding one of the most difficult raids for 25 people.

The heroes have to fight six bosses and stop the lord Kil’jaedenbefore he summons the Legion’s army. The raid has a lot of interesting items, weapons, and armor, which will significantly strengthen the characters. This is also where Time Gateto slows down raiders in learning new content.

The first wing with several bosses opens in the first week, and the next one only after seven days.

In addition to the raid for hardcore players, the developers have added new locations, reputations, and daily quests. Content is enough also worth mentioning are five-man dungeons, arena season, transmog, and mount trapping.

Unique Rewards and Achievements


When the next expansion comes out, and Blizzard has already announced that Wraith of The Lich King will be released in 2024, all rewards and achievements will be unique. You will be able to get some of them, but with a small chance.

But for example, unique enchantments or titles from the arena season will no longer be available. To get all the awards in Burning Crusade, you have to spend a lot of time. But you can use another way – order boosting from professional players. This is a paid service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will receive your reward in the shortest possible time.