9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Service

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You might have a large tree leaning in one direction or an ugly stump in your yard that you want to get rid of. In cases like this, you will need the help of the experts. Getting a professional’s service for whatever tree care need you have is not just a convenient way to solve your concern, but it is also a wise decision to make. There are a lot of tree service companies out there, and you may find yourself confused as to who to choose that is why we have listed some essential questions to ask before hiring a tree company.

Pro Tips on How to Go Over Your Search

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It can be extra challenging to look for a trusted tree service if it’s your first time doing so. Make sure to follow these practical tips before committing to anything.

Shop around. There are plenty of options when it comes to tree service companies, mainly if you maximize the use of the internet. Type “local tree service companies,” and you will be overwhelmed with the result. In case your friends or family members have any previous good experience, you might want to take these companies into consideration. Research and don’t stop until you find the best company that fits the job.

Ask questions. You may not know everything or anything about tree care, so it would help if you ask as many questions as you can. There are no stupid questions, so fire away, ask anything that crosses your mind from whether it will damage your lawn to warranties. A qualified tree company will be happy to answer all your questions.

Look for referrals. You can ask your friends who used tree service previously about their overall experience with the service. Talk to them about the cost and the length of time needed for the project.

Be firm. Don’t just leave everything else in the hands of the company. Get involved, especially in the planning stage. Make sure you know the company’s credentials and licenses. Be informed of the crucial details of the job, such as the cost, the equipment they will use, and the approach they will utilize. If you don’t feel comfortable with any of their terms, you can always look for another one.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Service Company

Can they provide a written copy of the service contract? Always demand a fine print, even if you don’t like reading it. Never do business with a tree company that refuses to provide you with a copy of the contract.

Do they have licenses and insurance? License, insurance, and credentials are non-negotiable when it comes to tree service. Look for TCIA accreditation and ISA certification as proof of the company’s professionalism and skills in the job. Treeservicestallahassee.com recommends you check with these organizations to inquire about what tree service contractors carry these credentials in your area.

Be wary of companies that cannot show their license because it is illegal to run a business without it.

Are they experienced in the field? Although years of experience doesn’t always account for expertise, it still means you are credible enough to be in the business for long. Look for a company that has ample years of experience and find out how long their employees have been with them.

Can they provide you a list of referrals? A reputable company will have a list of happy customers, and they will be willing to supply you with it. If they are in business for a short time trying to make room for themselves in the market, you might want to give them a shot if you feel comfortable. If not, move one and look for someone that has been on the market for decades that is reputable and willing to provide reviews and referrals.

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How long can the project take? As a customer, it is your right to know all the details of the project, including the timeframe required for it. This is not only your concern but something that will affect your neighbors too. They need to know the projected length of the disturbance and plan their schedules accordingly. Choose the company that can finish the job at an average time at a low cost.

Do they provide a written estimate? Most companies use their websites to give estimates, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask for a written one. A written estimate will come in handy in case there will be a discrepancy in the end. Don’t be contented with estimates given over the phone, because they can be changed anytime. Never assume anything, unless it is written otherwise.

Do they ask for payment upfront?  You would want to stay away from companies that ask for payment even before they get the job done. There are absolutely zero reasons to put money down before they even pull the truck to your driveway. Not only that you should stay clear of these companies, but you can decide not to pay if the job is not done by the agreement. A professional tree service only asks for money once your concern has been taken care of.

What other services can they provide? No matter how basic the tree service you require is, you should still do your homework. What services does the company offer aside from tree removal? Do they remove the stump? What do they do with branches and limbs? Will they handle the clean-up after the job is finished? Consider these questions before you sign that contract.

Are they the best choice for the job? Once you have done all your research and asked the questions above, the next step is to hire the best company for the job. Don’t hesitate to ask a company if they can handle the situation. Some companies can be honest enough to tell you whether the project is within their abilities or not. Always hire a company that has all the necessary credentials, equipment, and experience in the job.