7 Tips on How to Become a Gambling Influencer

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The gambling industry is rapidly expanding everywhere. It enters people’s lives through different channels, offering great excitement and entertainment. Online gambling, live streaming, and influencer marketing are the perfect trio. Some estimates say that the influencer marketing industry will reach over ten billion dollars in 2024. The online gambling industry keeps attracting new players and growing shoulder to shoulder with video streaming.

Nowadays, leading gambling influencers have millions of followers, and they make a lot of money. Some of the most popular influencers make millions of dollars per year by streaming games and advertising popular companies. Since this is a growing industry, it is never too late to become a gambling influencer. Live-streaming platforms such as Twitch offer great opportunities for anyone.

This article will tell you the crucial steps and techniques you should take to become a gambling influencer. There is nothing better than to get paid for doing things you love to do, so check out the following information, improve your skills, and become one of the popular gambling influencers online.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Online Gambling Influencer

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Becoming a gambling influencer requires dedication and hard work. Competition is tough, and results do not come overnight. Dedication, discipline, and patience are necessary elements for success. To become an influencer in the online gambling industry, you must follow several steps. Here is what you should focus on.

1. Create and Follow a Live Video Streaming Strategy

It all starts with establishing targets for your live video streaming strategy. What do you want to achieve, when do you want to get it, how do you want to achieve it, which tools you should use, your posting strategy, streaming frequency, etc. By establishing a live-streaming plan, you will define a precise path to follow. So how to define your main objectives? Set some short-term and long-term goals. Following the SMART system will help you a lot in this case. The following is the SMART system, which offers a straightforward approach when establishing goals:

Specific What do you want to accomplish?
Measurable How to know you have accomplished your goal?
Achievable How to reach your goal?
Relevant Is your goal worthwhile?
Time-bound When do you want to accomplish your target?

You must have a clear vision and plan. You can create several goals, but it is advisable to start with one you will entirely focus on.

Next, think about how you want to achieve your long-term objectives. Just establishing a goal is not enough. The plan must be realistic and include all steps of reaching your precise target. As the table above points, your actions should be measurable, achievable, and time-bound.

Do you want to gain 1K, 5K, or 10K followers each month? The best steps for that are creating a streaming calendar, promoting yourself online, creating a personal blog or website, updating content regularly, creating a YouTube or Twitch channel, and streaming frequently. These are just the essentials. More action plans are necessary, and the more detailed they are, the better. The best thing you can do is create daily, weekly, and monthly goals that you will follow.

Measuring performance is challenging, and you are bound to make some mistakes along the way. Therefore, modify your weekly and monthly goals and frequently review your overall performance. If you fail to reach your monthly targets, do not panic! See what went wrong, determine why you have been unable to achieve goals and correct mistakes. Constantly monitor your performance and do your best to resolve issues.

For example, if you see that your Twitch followers are declining, find the exact reasons for that. Perhaps it’s because of rare streaming, poor video quality, or negative marketing. Find the precise cause and fix it right away.

2. Establish a Correct Strategy for Posting and Streaming

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There is a widespread opinion that you have to stream every day for people to notice you. That is not correct. More important is to have an optimal streaming schedule to avoid burnout and a loss of energy. A plan that will allow you to be fresh, with which you can post different things on different social platforms, so you are active but not repeating yourself. Having a quality schedule will also allow your subscribers, fans, and followers to keep up with you and know when to expect something from you.

To establish a good schedule, you first need to decide the ideal time to stream, publish game reviews, provide tutorials and guides for different gambling games, etc. A good thing would be to post on YouTube once or twice per week, do a Twitch live stream once or twice per week, and post other short videos and posts daily on Instagram or Facebook.

However you decide, always have a strict schedule to follow, matching your manageable rhythm. That way, you can easily measure your success, and you will be able to see more clearly what works well and what needs improvement in your posting strategy.

3. Choose a Favorite Gambling Game

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Whether it’s video slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, or something else – pick a game that you will play, promote, and have fun gambling on it. You cannot be good at everything. Choose a specific game around which you will build up your image. A game that will differentiate you from others and make you stand out. Choosing something specific will help you avoid distractions, and you will enjoy it more.

According to multiple studies, gambling influencers are categorized based on their reach and the games they play. The ‘reach’ depends on the number of subscribers and followers. If you are starting now, you are likely to have a low reach. It will take some time before the follower base builds up. By choosing a game, you will make yourself stand out from the rest. Instead of playing various games and publishing all kinds of videos, choose a specific game, play it regularly, and have fun while doing it.

When you choose your game, you can then proceed towards doing specific things. You can stream yourself playing it, do game reviews, tutorials, face challenges, and do other exciting things that people will love to watch. The online possibilities are limitless, so it is up to you to explore everything at your disposal.

4. Work on Developing Yourself as a Brand

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A brand is a way how the public perceives you. It is not only a specific sign or a symbol. A brand is something that people will immediately connect with you. If you wish to become a top gambling influencer, you have to transform your persona into a brand. That means to offer something to the public that makes you different and better than others. Suppose you are a blackjack expert from RedDOG Casino. Market your skills regularly and show people why you are an expert and better than others. When you establish yourself as an individual influencer, you will start to attract more followers, and even gambling businesses may contact you even if you do not have a lot of subscribers.

5. Work on Building Your Audience

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Gambling influencers are nothing without followers. Followers are an asset that you should value. Influencers inspire followers. They play the casino games you mention, talk about, and follow your words regarding where and how to play.

Building an audience can be achieved through quantity and quality. Quantity is the number of followers, and quality is your engagement with your subscribers.

When you are a new gambling influencer, you need to bring as many new subscribers as possible to your live stream channel. Why? Because this is the best way to get attention and bring gambling establishments, businesses, and brands towards you. The more subscribers you gain, the higher your influence will be.

When it comes to marketing, the number of followers is the main distinction between influencers and non-influencers. Therefore, start growing your audience quickly.

Here are some things to do that should help you get new followers on the live stream platforms you are active:

  • Use proper hashtags and keywords.
  • Write catchy titles on your live stream episodes.
  • Share the streaming channel with friends, family, and in public groups.
  • Use social networking platforms for self-promotion.
  • Stream a lot in your first days as a gambling influencer.
  • Talk a lot and express yourself when streaming, even if there are not too many viewers.
  • Use helpful tools to boost your marketing and streaming efforts.
  • Create a blog or personal website to promote your channel.

As the number of followers goes up, you need to start engaging with them. Engaged followers are the happiest followers. They will follow your recommendations and return to your channel every time you post something. There are a few excellent tips you can follow to better engage with your subscribers:

  • Use social media channels to engage in discussions. Focus on the chat and always be friendly and responsive.
  • Run frequent contests or promotions to reward your loyal followers.
  • Ask questions, respond quickly, and accept constructive criticism.
  • Use moderators that will actively join the chats, maintain the channel, and engage with followers.
  • Create a Facebook group where you will expand your follower base even more.
  • Follow an email marketing strategy and send your subscribers a newsletter or something interesting regarding games you play, subsequent streaming sessions, etc.
  • Always use high-definition streaming equipment, such as a good camera, headphones, and microphone.
  • Use analytics tools to understand your core audience better and adjust your strategy correctly.

Remember – your audience is the center of everything you do. If they do not like how you do some things, avoid doing them. You can become a gambling influencer faster by listening to the feedback of your followers. Let them be in charge of what you do and what you play. If you go against their wishes, they might go to another channel, seeking to follow someone who listens to their feedback.

6. Network with Other Gambling Influencers

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Networking is probably the best strategy to establish yourself on the gambling influencer scene quickly. Networking with others who share the same passion as you regarding gambling will help you reach the top. Networking can significantly improve your image. You will open new horizons, and collaborations can lead to better posts and more income and influence.

Networking is very beneficial. Not only can networking boost the number of your followers, but also your sponsorship opportunities. Besides that, you can learn many new things and become more authentic. There are many examples of relatively anonymous influencers becoming popular overnight after receiving a shout-out from a famous one. Even a simple mention can help a lot.

So how to start networking and seek other partners in the gambling niche? These are some steps to follow:

  • Play games together with other gambling influencers. Many are already doing this as it helps build an audience to all sides involved in the process.
  • Ask other influencers if they are available for collaboration. A simple mention somewhere, shout out during streams, appearing together somewhere, playing in the same casino, all of that helps.
  • Participate in tournaments, contests, competitions, and other events arranged by other top gambling influencers.
  • Participate in popular gaming competitions, and make sure you are together with other famous faces from the gambling influencer world.
  • Reach out to online casinos and other companies that can help you boost your image and grow your follower base. In return, you can offer to advertise them and play on their platforms.

7. Use Professional Services of Influencer Marketing Agencies

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Influencer marketing is multiplying each day. Many popular casino brands, online gaming platforms, and other companies are looking to connect with influencers. The new generations of young influencers enjoy online gaming, so it makes sense for Internet companies to seek partnerships. Getting noticed by successful online gambling companies is not easy, and it requires hard work. Even then, you cannot be sure whether they will want to work with you.

However, the good thing is that many companies and online agencies focus on connecting online casinos and gaming platforms with influencers who meet specific criteria. A wise thing to do is look for influencer marketing agencies that can help you. You will find many such agencies online, so search around, compare a few of them, and schedule meetings to discuss details. These agencies are beneficial because they simplify the communication between influencers and brands.

Brands will get a clear idea of how they can benefit from your services and reach you quickly through the agency. They will also lay out the terms for cooperation, which will also be helpful to you. If everything goes well and you start such a partnership, you could be on your way to receiving high income as a top gambling influencer.

Keep in mind that, before accepting any offer, you should also feel the pulse of your followers to see their opinion. If everything is aligned, then that will be a perfect match. If you want to keep and expand your followers’ base, remaining authentic and not pushing things to your followers is something you should never forget.

Conclusion – Becoming a Gambling Influencer Takes Time

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Being an influencer is something many people want, but a few achieve. Many give up too soon, as they find it very challenging and not so easy as they initially thought it would be. The truth is – no one became an influencer overnight. For people to trust you, you need to establish yourself first. They need to see what you have to offer, what makes you unique, and how you are a better gambling influencer than others.

Becoming a gambling influencer on a top-notch live stream platform like Twitch will be easier if you know what you should do and how to do it. The steps and tips mentioned here should help you along the way. It might take some time, but you may become the next big gambling influencer and an Internet sensation.

Remember that consistency, discipline, and patience are three essential keys to success. Without any of those three, you are unlikely to succeed. Things will get tough sometimes, that is inevitable, and you may sit and wonder what you are doing wrong. Analyze everything and believe in yourself.

There might be some difficult times when you will have to do a live stream with zero subscribers. You may have to talk while you play a game, with nobody present and watching you. Do not stop when things don’t go as expected. Keep going and do your thing. Enjoy playing, and never give up. That is how many have started before building up a large number of followers. Everyone has to start from scratch, but only the most persistent succeed.


If you are seeking shortcuts, then you are going to end up disappointed. There are no fast ways to success, so do not look for one. Instead, focus on hard work and strong commitment, and it will pay off eventually.

Once you start gaining more followers, partner up with reputable agencies and other influencers to connect with more people in the industry – if you are lucky, you might get a sponsorship deal, and things will get much easier after that.

Hopefully, this information will trigger your curiosity and motivate you to follow your dreams. Everything is possible with good planning and effort invested. Keep this information close and good luck in your quest to become the next big gambling influencer.