5 Ways To Use Twitch In Your Product Marketing Campaign

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Every kid who has played games has thought at some point, “I wish I could make a living playing video game. Sixteen years ago, the first brave gamers appeared who had a vision of how to turn their dream into reality, and that is to make money by playing games. With the improvement of the Internet around the world and the advancement of technology, more and more people were able to broadcast games directly from home, and more and more people became interested in following the most interesting ones on a regular basis.

Being a professional gamer is a dream job for many. Sitting in your own armchair, playing games all day, and getting paid for it really sounds like an ideal job. You can bring many game streams to YouTube, but the advent of Twitch, a platform through which people around the world can stream how they play video games, has made a career in gaming a much more achievable goal for a large number of people.

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If you are one of the passionate gamers, then you have probably heard of this popular platform that is visited daily by millions of people who closely follow the streams of their favorite gamers, thus learning how to master a game on their own.

Twitch is a popular online service for watching and streaming digital video shows. Although in the beginning it was exclusively a platform intended for gamers and streaming games, over time it became a social network similar to Facebook, ie a place where users can follow and contact each other.

Social networks can be a perfect environment for the business world. Such potential is recognized in organizations and individuals who direct marketing efforts and activities to create relationships with consumers through social networks, because they are a medium that can transmit information faster, cheaper, and easier than others, to improve reputation and create a positive image. Some social networks need to access specific marketing techniques in order to get the most benefit. Social networks provide a new way of communication between sellers and consumers, service providers and service users, and a new dimension of advertising has emerged. For many companies, Twitch has become a favorite place to advertise for a number of reasons.

1. Target group

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Twitch is a platform that is visited daily by hundreds of thousands of people aged 15-35. In other words, this is a great way to promote computer equipment, clothing, and the like. One way to do this is to pay for the ad that will be inserted into the stream.

2. Partners and affiliates

Gamers are influencers and are followed by many around the world. Partnering with them, and promoting through their profile is a very good move for companies. The partnership is something that many gamers want and that is considered the pinnacle of their business and streaming. Of course, what is important for companies is to choose gamers who have a large number of followers, so they can be sure that product placement will reach them. Learn more about it at smm-world.com.

3. Viral marketing

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Viral marketing is considered to be an extremely important part of social media marketing. The key to good viral marketing is its activity, ie the ability to create content that will be shared. This includes quality copywriting and even content marketing. Viral campaigns can be content-based, shared via video/photo services such as Twitch, YouTube, or Instagram.

4. Advertising and promotion

The emergence of social networks changes the established way of business models, and in business terms they have an advantage due to business and marketing activities. Brand new possibilities have developed in marketing. Social networks enable the presentation, promotion, and advertising of products and services of various companies and their official websites, but also the promotion of companies and other organizations to a wide audience, given that it is possible to reach a large and diverse number of people on social networks. Advertising can be done at a relatively low cost, which is especially good for small businesses. Also, advertising takes place in real-time and within wide reach.

It is important to remember that social networks transform, expand, grow and decay very quickly and that each social network requires specific marketing techniques in order to “get the most out” of it.

Like many other technological advances today, social networks have their pros and cons. In any case, given their popularity, a large number of users, and daily growth, marketing experts focus their efforts on advertising through these platforms.

5. Social networks are very practical

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Social networking services are constantly improving, giving new opportunities to users. New social networks with new possibilities are also appearing. Such networks, in addition to the original communication roles also have a marketing role, promoting other websites and a range of different one service. Social media marketing is a process in which activities on social networks result in visits to the website or some other form of measuring the return on investment. Communication and “branding” on social networks is increasingly being strategically considered. Businesses are adapting to new trends by carefully planning social strategies networks. But given the almost daily novelties and the emergence of new social networks, it is not at all easy to keep up in this area.

Final thoughts

The Internet today is the most powerful medium and although social networks as an independent medium perhaps are not the best marketing solution, they offer personalization and decentralization, which is something the traditional media can’t do and still has, mass advertising promotion. Advertising is a very important segment in product sales, and we conclude that with good reason this is becoming the leading type of advertising. Social networks offer the possibility of personalizing marketing content and have mass advertising promotion that is not possible with traditional media. As an integral part of the most powerful medium of today, social networks provide their users’ expression and interaction with business entities, which through such communication receive useful feedback.

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