7 Effective Tips to Boost Your Study Efficiency

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Today, students are burdening more stress not only because of the fierce social competition but also the expectations of parents and teachers. To get better studying outcomes, the best way is to use some effective study methods so that things can be arranged and completed more easily. So that’s what we will bring today. -While these study methods are proven effective, it is also recommended to seek out online resources on the best study materials that will guide you on your exam preparation. If you are an upcoming College student and is planning to take Advanced Placement in Biology, then best check out the AP Biology Prep list on https://examgenius.org/best-ap-books/ap-biology.In this review, we’d like to share some help studying tips to help boost your study efficiency. Do you want to make progress? Try these methods to improve studying efficiency right away!

Tip 1. Study with YouTubers in “Study with Me” Video Streaming

In recent years, a kind of video called “Study with Me” went popular on YouTube. These videos are mostly live-streamed by some YouTubers who have study missions. They invite others to study together by streaming the real-time condition of their studying processes. In this way, by streaming these videos, it seems like you are studying with these people together. They bring a “monitor” effect to force you to study without stopping as if you were competing with them.

According to some people who apply this method, this is helpful to enable them to concentrate on the study missions longer than just study by themselves.

Tip 2. Remove All Entertainment Tools from Your Desk

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To focus on your study missions only, you can try to remove all the entertainment tools from your desk when you need to focus on study. For example, take away the electronic products such as mobile phone, tablets but only leave those necessary study materials on your desk can reduce your desire to take up them thus distract your attention.

If you need to watch the study materials such as the “Study with Me” or other YouTube online tutorials, you can try to download them with video downloader like VideoHunter in advance, then turn off the Internet connection while you need to focus on studying. The steps are simple to follow:

Tip 3. Use To-do List to Make Your Study Target Clear

Everyday before you start to study, you can list some study targets using a to-do list for making the aim of your everyday work to be clear enough. Then, by following this to-do list, you can begin to study with exact aims and this can also help you concentrate on reaching the targets more easily.


Then after a day’s study, you can tick every target you list on the to-do list to check whether your study missions are completed. If not, you can summarize for the reasons for why you fail, and conclude the failures for not making again in the next day.

Tip 4. Explain Knowledge to Others

Many people would find it a helpful way to grasp the knowledge through the way of expressing knowledge to others and make them completely understand. Through explaining the knowledge to others, people can make sure that they have grasped it and thus they can share it. This can also help improve people’s logical thinking and communication ability at the same time.

If you want to check whether you have completely understood a knowledge, such as an equation or principle, you can try to explain it to others and see whether you can make them completely understand.

Tip 5. Mark Down the Problems and Difficulties

During your study, you would meet some difficult problems and questions, which you may fail to solve alone. Under this situation, you can take some notes to mark them down, then turn to others such as your tutors, classmates, or parents for help. This can make you clear about what problems you have and whether they have been solved properly. By following up on these notes, you can solve the studying problems in time and leave no questions behind your path of learning new knowledge.

Tip 6. Balance Life and Study

According to many scientific types of research, people could not focus on one task for a very long time. Therefore, it means that as we study for a longer time, we may suffer in lower efficiency because our attention paid to studying would be reduced gradually. So instead of sitting in front of the desk and study for a long time, it is also important for us to take a rest for regaining the concentration.

When you are tired and find it hard to concentrate, you can stand up and do some exercises for relaxing. Knowing how to balance your life and study can greatly help boost your efficiency because you get the key on how to regain concentration when you need to study for a long time.

Tip 7. Never Delay Your Timetable

Try to plan your studying schedule as early as possible and never chase the deadline. Some people would always think that there still has time before the deadline, so they are likely to delay their studying plan easily. It would never be good to chase the deadline because the studying outcomes will be greatly dragged down. Instead of improving the study quality, chasing a deadline would put people in simply finishing the tasks without really understanding the knowledge or skills that they can grasp in these study missions. This is not beneficial to one’s study.

To boost the study efficiency, these 7 tips are of great importance and they deserve your try. If you are struggling with the way to improve your study efficiency, try these tips, and see if they are workable to you. Finding the most appropriate study way for yourself is also important. Don’t worry! If you could pay attention and try hard in finding an effective way for yourself, you are sure to gain success in improving your study efficiency and the outcomes!