6 Cool Features Of 9D VR Cinema That Will Complete Your Cinematic Experience

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The oldest movies were on a flat two-dimensional screen and had little scope for the viewer to interact with the characters. Today 3D and 4D movies are pretty popular, allowing depth perception and promising an immersive experience.

However, technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and today people are already experimenting with 9D. 9D cinema promises a complete cinematic experience and appeals to all your senses.

Read on to learn more about some of the coolest features offered by 9D vr cinema.

6 Reasons Why 9D Virtual Reality Promises A Riveting Movie Experience

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9D virtual reality appeals to the senses of sight and smell, touch and hearing all at once. Each session that you attend on a 9D VR chair will transport you into a different world. Read on to learn more about the ways in which 9D VR gives you a multi-sensorial experience.

1. Surround Sound

Surround sound allows you to perceive the depth and distance of the source of the sound. So unlike in a typical cinema hall where all the sound emanates from the speakers in 9D virtual reality, the sound can literally come from any direction.

For instance, if the film’s plot is such that a person is calling from behind, you will literally be able to perceive sound from behind you.

Likewise, sound can be perceived from multiple fields, like at an angle of sixty degrees from the listener, at angles between hundred and hundred and twenty degrees, etc.

2. A Jet Of Air

9D virtual reality cinema has the ability to pump a jet of air as and when the screenplay demands. A sudden jet of air from the top is intended to evoke a sense of thrill and excitement among the viewers of the movie.

3. Poking In The Back

The 9D Virtual reality setup can create a constant poke in the back to evoke a sense of fear or discomfort. For instance, a poke in the back can be eerie and uncanny if the screenplay wants to create a sense that someone is following you secretly.

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4. Three Hundred And Sixty Degree Rotation

The virtual reality chair can rotate three hundred and sixty degrees; that is one complete rotation. A complete rotation gives you a complete view of the surroundings.

5. Vibrations Of The Seat

The seat in a 9D virtual reality setup has the ability to vibrate violently. The vibration gives an immersive experience and can make the viewer feel like he is caught in a stampede or an earthquake if the plot so demands.

6. Shooting The Target

The 9D virtual reality chair allows you to participate in the movie that you are watching. You can track your target and shoot with a joystick. The ability to shoot and follow characters of the movie plot allows you to be part and parcel of the narrative.


Virtual reality and augmented reality are the latest developments in how people interact with the cinematic world. These technologies constantly blur the line between the reel and the real world. They are constantly striving to give the viewer an otherworldly experience.

The realism is so vivid that the viewer goes home with an enriched experience after a show. The experience is such that all the viewer’s senses have been intrigued and aroused.