Make Your Christmas Spooky with These Cool Ideas

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The scary celebrations have come to an end. You don’t get to eat spooky candies anymore. Nobody is going to come, knocking vigorously on your door, screaming, “Trick or Treat.” You can’t dress up freely as a silly witch or ugly ghost to meet Uncle Fester and the butler Lurch without getting weird stares from people around you.

Why? Because my oh my (I heard you singing it ?), you just realized this year’s crazy Halloween has already ended, and you have to wait a whole year to feel that spookiness again.

Why Fear when the verge campus is here?

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You don’t have to suppress your spooky side just because Christmas is all about green, red, and bright vibes. Turn your ordinary Christmas into Hallomass, Xween, Creepmass, or Spookmass, whatever you want to call it. We present our 8 spooky ideas to make your Christmas extra cool with a Halloween hint.

Cool Cutlery All the Way

Make your dinner table spooktacular!

Tired of the same boring Christmas dinner table? Serve your dishes with Halloween spoons set from to get that Halloween vibe out of your usual dinner table, Replace your glasses with creepy Christmas mugs, or Swap your table mats with mini pumpkin mats.

Introduce mysterious-looking foods for a taste test. You can try numerous different ideas to make your Christmas dinner table Halloweeny because sometimes it’s ok to be a little creepy.

Haunted Gingerbread House to the Rescue

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Create magic with some scary energy!

Fill your table with a haunted gingerbread house to give that ghosty glow up. Spooky Christmas is all about the witch energy you can gather (Not literally! Don’t go screaming all-around your neighborhood).

Make things easier and seek help from your family or guests to make unique gingerbread houses. Display them like a showpiece on your Haunted theme table.
Excited kids smashed your masterpiece to meet the earth? No worries, bake a dinosaur cooky and place it on the shattered house to make it look like a Halloween Christmas decoration.

Scary Evening In? Heck Yeah!

Christmas is incomplete without a movie night; why not add some Halloween touch to it?
Do you remember a movie that caused you to scream your guts out? The film that made you terrified to turn off the lights or even go to the kitchen alone?

Yes, that’s right. We are talking about the exact movie that took you on a roller coaster ride of emotions; excitement, suspense, anxiety, Fear, and, most importantly, LOUD SCREAMS.
A Halloween Christmas screams to add a scary touch of movie night. Turn the lights off, place the projector, grab some popcorns, and set a thrilling Halloween movie. Hocus Pocus, Scream, Child’s play, Halloweentown, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Addams Family, are some of the classics you can choose from.

Set a Halloween theme for that extra spookiness

Come this way, something scary is waiting for you! Who doesn’t love a crazy Halloween costume? The stranger the costume sounds, the better it will look. Don’t wait for Halloween to get dressed, and set a Halloween theme for your Christmas attire. Addams Family, Nightmare on the Street, Zombies Night Out, Witches dream, etc. are crazy theme ideas you can decide for that extra spookiness.

Can’t decide your costume? Ghost, Vampire, Joker, Barbie, Avatar, Alien, Edward Scissorhands, Smurf, Mermaids are some of the cool outfits you can try.
This is your chance to be as weird as you can be, because, why not!
Spooky Cupcakes? Why Not!

Suffocate them with cupcakes! (not really)

Whether you want to content your sweet tooth or simply need to add a spooky flavor to your normal oh so boring Christmas cupcakes, spooky cupcakes can do the deed. Be creative; invent something crazy. You can use Halloween candies to give your spooky cupcakes an intriguing frosting.

Hidden candies, weird frosting, witchy spidery white chocolate, bite-sized bat, a skeleton on top, a ghosty hole donut, one-eyed monster, and grim-reaper candy are some of the spooky Christmas cupcakes you can try.

Creepmas Props in The House

Halloween is over, but your love for it is not!
A little creepiness won’t hurt, right? An evil clown plushie for the movie time to give you Xmas feels. A monster wind chime chain on the door, welcoming your guests with a ghosty smile.

Frankenstein and Chucky toys enhancing the spookiness of your indoor decoration. A lovely Annabelle dressed up as pretty as a fairy sitting silently on the side table. There are numerous other Halloween prop ideas that you can implement at your Christmas party.
Witch Christmas Tree? Bring It On!

Spread witchy vibes everywhere!

A Christmas tree is a must for any Christmas decoration and can be used as an outdoor or indoor decoration. Rather than using an evergreen tree with pine or fur, ornamented by red or green lights, go for a Halloween magic Christmas tree furnished by black, spooky,

Witchy, and Halloweeny elements

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To guarantee your spooky Christmas, add your ghosty touch to the Christmas tree and make it a little Witchy with coffin ornaments. You can choose from classics like Frosty & Freaky, Ghoulish Tree, Amazing Garland, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Skull Celebration for spooky feels.

Ice Go Away, Bring the Spookiman, and You Can Stay

Normal is overrated!

Christmas is not Christmas without a snowman. Use your spare props from Halloween to transform your snowman into a Spookiman. Witch’s broom hands, spidery eyes, and skeleton skull sound like a perfect outdoor ornament for your Christmas party.

You can add a dash of your creativity and make a pumpkin head, skull head, or whatever you can think of using. Creepy, Spooky, Crazy, or Classy, it’s entirely your choice.
Here we have gathered our spooky ideas to turn your “New Year, Old Christmas” into an excited Halloweeny Christmas. Try our cool ideas and let us know how they turned out for your Xmass celebrations.

Got other Halloweeny Christmas ideas in mind? Share with us. We would love to add them to our spooky list. Happy Creepmass Pals!