Sergey Tokarev ─ Roosh Held Its Corporate Party in the Metaverse


The use of online technology has touched the world, especially after the splash of COVID-19. Since then, companies have searched for opportunities to run businesses and provide regular meetings under harsh conditions. Now, the war in Ukraine has changed everything for most enterprises and startups.

Many employees had to relocate or even flee the country, looking for a safer place. Even so, businesses must move forward and organize the working flow within the working forces. State-of-the-art technologies enable us to keep in contact with each other and gather in virtual space. The founder of Roosh, Sergey Tokarev, spoke about how their company managed a New Year party on PartySpace.

Considering the fact that only 20% of the company Roosh is located in Kyiv, Sergey Tokarev decided to organize a virtual party for New Year festive time. Their decision was on SpaceParty. This platform is easy to use. It allows you to conduct an event with the effect of people’s presence in the same room.


The service discovers some useful features to manage panel discussions and presentations and run different competitions and events. Like in an offline meeting, you can hear only your colleagues sitting nearby. Such virtual platforms provide additional settings, for example, to adjust the volume of the background music or set the colleagues to mute, etc.

According to Sergey Tokarev, it takes little time to adapt to the platform. You will need about 30-40 minutes to get familiar with and start managing it. Moreover, it provides helpful tips and guides. To be recognized by others, the first thing you need to do is to create an avatar.

It is enough to upload a photo on PartSpace, while on other platforms, you can customize your avatar: change hairstyle and clothing, and add accessories. Also, it is essential to know how to move in the metaverse. You need to master some mechanisms of this virtual world to interact with everything around you.

This was one of the events Roosh conducted the meeting virtually. In the summer, Sergey Tokarev and his colleagues celebrated Roosh’s birthday – the company turned two years old. They decided to host the party in the metaverse but on another platform, Gather. This event required more preparation as there were speakers, special guests, and a virtual auction.


The Roosh creative communications director, Oleksandra Borodina, noted that the auction lots were picked according to their relevance and the team’s interests. As a result, the auction helped to raise around 300,000 UAH distributed between Ukrainian charity foundations.

The first impression of the metaverse might be a bit unusual, confronting some issues you do not have in real life. For example, there might be concerns about the low signals of Internet connection, a “frozen” face on the screen, etc. The metaverse brings up a completely innovative solution for companies to keep interacting with employees.

Roosh is a Ukrainian technological company created in 2021. The company specializes in investing and launching projects in ML and AI. Its portfolio includes Pawa Venture Studio, Roosh Ventures Fund, Community Building AI House Platform, Set University, and two startups―Reface and ZibraAI.