World Cup 2024 ─ Each Group Stage Standings


As many of you might already know, the World Cup encompasses eight venues played in 5 cities in the ongoing tournament. As the hosts, Qatar played the opening match, in which they played against Ecuador.

In the inaugural game, the Ecuadorian team defeated the host team in a rather devastating game. While the final score was 2 – 0, most commentators agree that it could have been much worse. But now that the tournament is a week in, let us look over each group’s stage standings.

Group A


The four competitors in Group A include Ecuador, the Netherlands, Senegal, and Qatar. Thus far, the four teams have each participated in two matches. We already mentioned the inaugural game, which saw the hosts lose to Ecuador. Apart from that, Qatar also played against Senegal.

The Qatari team took another loss during that game and was officially eliminated from the tournament. Ecuador, for their part, won the Qatar match and tied against the Dutch team. The Netherlands was also victorious against Senegal. As it stands, Ecuador and the Netherlands are the highest ranking, with 4 points, and Senegal has 3 points.

Group B

The Group B team saw England, Iran, the USA, and Wales play. It isn’t a surprise that England won their first match against Iran. After all, the English national team is quite successful on the international scene, and most of the safest betting sites have them placed as favorites to win their group. And so far, it would certainly seem like that is the case, considering England has racked up the most points, with 4. Iran is ranked second, having won a match against Wales, while the United States tied in both games.

Group C


We have Poland, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and Mexico in the third bracket. While many expected Argentina to come out on top, the Polish team won. Now that all is said and done, Poland stands on the top with 4 points, with Saudi Arabia and Argentina fighting for second place. Poland won their match against the Saudis and tied against Mexico.

For their part, Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia and defeated Mexico. On November 30, Poland will go against Argentina, which will likely be an exciting match. As it stands, the Polish hold the advantage, but Argentine fans are still holding onto hope.

Group D

In Group D, we have the current champions, France, Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia. Perhaps predictably, France dominated the group and already qualified with 6 points. They defeated Australia in the first match with a 4 – 1. And speaking of Australia, they are in second place with 2 points.

Denmark and Tunisia hold the bottom rank, with the same score. Both teams tied against each other. Tunisia lost to Australia and Denmark to France. On November 30, Tunisia will face off against France, and Denmark will play Australia. If we can trust the odds, France and Australia will likely win.

Group E


In Group E, Spain is the dominant force. They defeated Costa Rica with a 7 – 0 score and tied against Germany. Japan was the black horse in this bracket, especially after their poor showings during the last World Cup. They beat Germany and lost to Costa Rica, yet still earned 2nd rank. Japanese fans are hoping for a victory against Spain on December 1 and maybe even a qualification.

Group F

In Group F, Canada has already been eliminated. They lost both of the games they played. Croatia and Morocco took the lead, with one win and one tie each. Funnily enough, the tie was against one another. Belgium beat Canada but lost to Morocco, so they currently hold the 3rd spot with three points. Belgium and Croatia will be facing off on December 1 for the qualification.

Group G


It will surprise no one to discover that the Brazilians have already qualified. Brazil is the world’s most successful national football team and is a favorite to win the 2024 iteration of the tournament. They defeated Serbia and Switzerland from the bracket, earning 6 points. The Swiss are currently in second place, having beaten Cameroon. Serbia and Cameroon are seemingly out of the game, with 1 point each.

Group H

Again, another unsurprising turn of events saw Portugal qualify with two wins in Group H. They defeated Ghana and Uruguay, earning 6 points and moving up in the tournament. Ghana defeated Korea, making the 2nd spot in the group. Meanwhile, Korea and Uruguay have largely gone the way of Serbia and Cameroon.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this article can help you catch up if you missed the World Cup. In large part, we can already deduce the semi-finals of the World Cup. However, strange shifts have happened before. So, if you are a fan of any losing teams, don’t give up hope just yet.