6 Stupid Things That Almost All Drivers Do (but Not You!)

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Losing visibility due to an open hood, getting into an accident due to headlights not turned on (or not turned off) in time, opening a car door in front of a motorcyclist … In our article, we will consider several examples of the most serious consequences of inattention to trifles.

1. The hood is not fully closed

It would seem that what terrible will happen if you do not completely close the hood of the car? Some drivers open their hoods on purpose for better cooling… Maximum car bumper repairs? Any car repair service center knows worse stories related to serious car body repair after accidents due to experiments like this. Take a look at the nearest car workshop and see for yourself.

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However, when driving at high speed, the hood begins to “sail”. The hood wraps around the windshield, breaking it, at the same time deforming the glass pillars and the front of the roof.

But the worst thing is that it instantly blocks your view. It also happens that the hood comes off the hinges and flies into other cars. A metal panel weighing 14–20 kg, and even with sharp corners, easily breaks through the windshield.

The consequences are clear. And you just need to check whether the hood is well closed after each opening.

2. Open the door without looking

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Of course, you have seen videos on the Internet and on TV, as drivers or passengers, carried away by something, opening the doors in front of other cars, motorcycles, bicycles … As a result, at least a door was torn out. And the maximum is better not to imagine. Cyclists and motorcyclists in such accidents usually fly over the handlebars.

A door that opens on its own on the go can lead to the same result (it was not well closed, the child was naughty, and so on). To prevent this from happening, it is worth blocking the central lock while driving, and when leaving the car, always look around. And teach passengers to do it.

3. Do not turn on the light

Drivers, especially beginners, keep forgetting to turn on the dipped headlights at night or turn off the high beams in front of other cars. What can this lead to?

In the first case, you will not notice an obstacle on the road, a pedestrian, or an animal in time, in the second case, you will blind the other driver.

Another bad habit is using daytime running lights or fog lights instead of low beams, citing good eyesight. In addition, on many cars, when the DRL is turned on, the rear position lights do not light up. Hence the greater risk of being hit from behind.

During daylight hours, all moving vehicles must turn on dipped beam headlights or daytime running lights to identify them.

4. Wheel tightness not checked

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Wheels lost in motion are also not uncommon. A bouncing wheel from a car can cause great harm, especially if it hits an oncoming car moving at high speed. And the heavy wheel of the truck – even more so.

Therefore, when changing wheels yourself, be sure to tighten the wheel bolts/nuts. Preferably – with a torque wrench, as it should be according to the instructions. But you can also just “by hand”. The main thing is that you are confident in the broach. And after a hundred kilometers, check and, if necessary, stretch the wheels again.

5. Don’t remember the pressure

Most drivers are extremely careless about tires. They park in the curb so that the tire goes to the rim, do not monitor the pressure, and drive until the cord appears. And this frivolity can lead to big trouble. A deformed cord leads to tire failure and loss of control. The same is threatened by reduced (or, conversely, too high) pressure.

What to do? Check tire pressure regularly. Ideally, before every trip. Get a compressor with a good pressure gauge or use a free swap at a gas station. And of course, change worn tires in time.

6. Sitting wrong

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You have seen such drivers, especially in the southern regions: the left hand on the shoulder outside the window is hanging on the door or catching the oncoming airflow. Maybe you have seen such passengers (passengers): their legs stick out in the window or lying on the dashboard – they are resting.

Well, traffic rules are not prohibited. However, both such drivers and passengers forget that the situation on the road changes in a split second. A brake hose burst at an oncoming truck or the steering jammed – and now it is already on the opposite lane … This way you can lose not only arms and legs but also life. However, the chance of survival is much higher when you are seated correctly and all your limbs are in the car, not outside.

Not impressed with the morals? Look on the Internet for collections of accidents, and you will understand everything. We repeat: the car does not forgive frivolity.