Withdrawing Money From A Bookmaker’s Office: How To Get Your Prize

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Sports betting is a popular hobby that can also bring such bonuses as cash prizes. However, funds should also be correctly withdrawn from the bookmaker’s office. Here it is important to adhere to a certain algorithm and follow the rules so that the money is credited to the account and does not disappear somewhere halfway.

The key principles

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There are several aspects that bettors should take into account before proceeding with placing bets. Such an approach will help them to increase the chances of a hassle-free withdrawal.

Competent approach to choosing a sportsbook

The first rule is to bet only in trusted bookmaker offices. It is not worth taking the risk and deposit funds to an account in questionable organizations that may exist for only a few days or weeks.

Before registering on the website and depositing money, you should read the reviews about the office. It is also recommended to research the bookmakers’ ratings on reputable portals. For example, the Sportsbooks section on the website features information about popular bookmakers. You can find out what conditions they offer, as well as the rules they impose on their work.

Compliance with registration terms and conditions

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When a player goes through the registration process, it is important to adhere to the rules established by the relevant bookmaker. All required information should be specified. Such information may include:

  • email;
  • phone number;
  • card or account data to be used funds deposit and withdrawal;
  • personal data.

Almost all offices require mandatory verification of the player’s identity. To do this, you may need to send scanned copies of documents or authorize via a specific program. There is nothing to worry about, this is a standard procedure. Bookmakers guarantee the privacy and safety of data. If a user’s identity is not verified, it will simply not be possible to withdraw funds in the future. Therefore, the procedure is recommended to be completed at the registration stage.

Selecting an account for funds’ deposit and withdrawal

It is recommended to use an account (bank card or e-wallet) that a user always has access to. Furthermore, the data specified when opening the account should comply with the person’s identification data specified during the registration. This will minimize the number of possible questions. It is better not to deposit money from a friend’s or relative’s card. In the future, withdrawing the winnings to the account from which the deposit was topped up will be the easiest option.

Many new players have a question: what is the safer option for funds’ deposit – a bank card or an e-wallet? Each of these methods has advantages.

Bank card

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Withdrawing funds to a bank card is usually easier because almost every person has the card. Choosing this option, you can immediately spend the money won by paying with this card in a store or by withdrawing it from an ATM. But there is also a “pitfall” here. The withdrawal of funds to the card may take a long time. The average payment processing time is three banking days; sometimes it can be even ten days. Some bookmakers promise instant withdrawal, but it depends on the issuing bank to a greater extend.

Sometimes banks block payments from bookmakers. Such situations are rare. As a rule, problems arise in those situations when it comes to an illegal organization or an unregistered office. Also, a similar problem may not be related to the bookmaker, but to your account (for example, you are trying to get money on a card that has expired or has been blocked).


If we talk about withdrawing funds to an e-wallet, there is no need to wait. In most cases, money is credited instantly (if there is no other information on the bookmaker’s website). But it is not always convenient to use a wallet. Mostly, in order to use funds, you have to transfer them to a bank card, then an additional commission may be charged. only some online stores accept payments made via e-wallets.

Withdrawal algorithm

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Almost all bookmakers have a standard procedure. When the minimum amount accumulates on the account (it is set by bookmakers on a case-by-case basis), you can send a request for a withdrawal of funds. In some offices, such requests are processed instantly. A number of establishments process payments on certain days or at a certain time only.

After the request has been processed, the money will be transferred to the specified account. Many bookmakers set a maximum limit. If a player has exceeded the maximum amount that can be withdrawn at a time, then it should be split into several installments when withdrawing.

The situations when it can be prohibited to withdraw money

There are certain factors that can affect the withdrawal of funds. For example, most bookmakers allow withdrawing only if the player has won back the deposit on the terms set by the office. Also, special wagering conditions may be established for those users who take part in promotions and bonus programs.

In addition, a problem with the withdrawal may arise if the bookmaker suspects a client of unfair practice. In this case, the client may be asked to go through the verification procedure again. Other reasons may include:

  • making bets on fixed matches;
  • multi-accounting;
  • excessive use of bonuses.
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Having faced any issues with withdrawing money, first, you can try to figure out the reason yourself. For example, if there is an applicable requirement to wager a deposit or bonuses, then it is enough to do this to make it possible to request a withdrawal. If the bookmaker requires you to go through the verification procedure again, then it has to be completed once more.

Should a bettor be confident that no rules have been violated, but funds still cannot be withdrawn, it is recommended to contact the support service. The support staff will definitely help to identify the issue. This is also a recommended step when the withdrawal request has been processed, but the money has not been credited to the account yet. As a rule, reputable bookmakers help their clients.