Energy Saving Tips for Your Office

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Time is money and money is time, but so is wasting energy at the office. One of the downsides of an office is that it is shared by several people who do not necessarily have the same ideals, values, and goals.

Although you might be environmentally conscious, there might be people in the office that are more concerned with their comfort than saving some energy. In the end, their reckless use and wasting of energy cost the company.

Luckily, there are still some things that you can do to save energy at the office, regardless of who works there. Here are some handy tips that could end up saving a lot of energy and money.

Use modern electric radiators

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Most office buildings are still fitted with old radiators that are not very energy efficient. It is easy to save energy with BestelectricRadiators as you can program them remotely. These radiators are intelligent and when hooked up to the Wi-Fi, you can set the temperature for each room in the office individually. There is also no need to worry about someone forgetting the radiators on as they can be set with timers as well.

Use the sun during office hours

The great thing about working at the office is that the majority of the energy is used during the day. This means that you can utilize the energy of the sun to provide some free energy. Be sure to open the windows and let the natural light flood the office.

Not only does it do a much better job than lightbulbs, but it is also healthy. To harness even more energy from the sun, installing solar panels to ease your electricity dependence. Solar technology is rapidly evolving and it will not be long before seeing a return on investment.

Replace the lightbulbs

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Depending on the age of the building where your offices are located, the light bulbs might still be of incandescent type. This is outdated technology and should not be used in any office building. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are 40 – 80% more efficient and last much longer than traditional light bulbs.

Although LEDs were more expensive when they were first developed, their prices have come down considerably. Even if the folks at the office are going to leave the lights on, it will still work out cheaper than normal light bulbs.

Beyond switching to LED bulbs, the greatest way to save money on your offices’ energy bill is to shop around and compare TXU plans depending on your unique consumption profile.

Do the HVAC maintenance

When it comes to climate control, a lot of energy is used for heating. Your HVAC system does not clean itself and it is prone to collect dirt and get clogged. It is good practice to schedule regular maintenance on the system to ensure that it works at peak performance.
Be sure to change or clean all the filters, as well as all the heat exchanger surfaces, water, refrigerant coils, condensers, and evaporators. Checking for leaks in the piping, air ducts, coils and fittings regularly will also prevent a major overhaul of your HVAC system if it is checked regularly.

Take control of the temperature

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Depending on the season, adjusting the temperature in the office according to the season is a great way to save some money. During the winter months, keeping the temperature between a mild 17 – 19 degrees Celsius is a good idea. While you are at it, test out different settings and find the sweet spot where everyone is satisfied.

During the summer months, keeping the temperature between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius is generally where the sweet spot is. Dropping below 20 degrees puts a strain on the air conditioning systems and trying to raise the temperature above 19 degrees in winter is just going to hurt the bank. In both instances, you should keep the energy needed to achieve the desired temperature at a minimum.

Upgrade the office equipment

There is a lot of hardware in an office- from everything in the kitchen to all the office equipment like computers and printers. Staying up to date with the latest tech is not a question of keeping up with the Jones’s or keeping up appearances. It all boils down to energy efficiency.

New office equipment comes with better energy efficiency and the quality of the products is also long-lasting. In the kitchen, always opt for energy saver appliances as they are going to be used frequently.