5 Reasons Why Cannabis Distillate Is The Purest Extract – 2024 Guide

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Many companies claim that cannabis distillate is probably the purest extract you can find on the market right now and that is probably very true. Read on further if you are interested in this topic.

Cannabis is slowly being accepted around the world as a legitimate product that can be both used as a remedy and as a re-creative drug. A lot of countries have accepted the fact that cannabis can be used as a remedy for all kinds of medical issues, but they still do not favor the fact that it can also be used as a recreational drug. Unfortunately, because of the effects of THC, a lot of countries still have banned any kind of use of cannabis.

Because of this, many companies are constantly pushing new products and innovating new ways of consuming this cannabis plant. The traditional way of smoking and inhale it is being left behind and new ways are being introduced to the world. These companies and the people that support the legalization of marijuana hope that these new methods of cannabis consumption can convince countries and governments to accept it as a healing/remedial plant.

With these new innovations and methods of consumption, we have seen THC/CBD oils, vapes, blunts, edibles, and many others. But, today, we have something even more advanced and that is the cannabis distillate. This is the purest form of the plant and it may be the future of consuming THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids.

I assume that you want to know why cannabis distillate is the purest extract and you probably also want to read about its benefits. Well, look no further because, with this 2024 guide, you will know everything there is about this type of product.

It is a type of oil

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The first thing you probably want to know is whether this distillate can be referred to as oil? Does it work the same as oil? Does it taste similarly? And you probably have tons of other questions. Well, the short answer is, yes. It can be called that because it is a type of oil. Many of the oil products that you can find on the market are actually distillates.

However, not every single oil-based product can claim that it is a distillate. Many companies skip through a lot of processes for cheaper production. In other words, they skip the processes that make the extraction as pure as possible. So, finding an almost 100% pure extract is not that simple. You will have to do some extensive research to be able to differentiate true distillate and just regular oil.

Keep in mind, that the distillates are usually quite more expensive. I assume that you will not be able to find this type of product for just a couple of dozen dollars.

Why is it so pure?

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The next thing you want to know is probably what exactly makes it the purest extract when compared to all the other products that can be found on the marijuana market? Well, the reason that it is so pure is that it goes through a much more complicated process that ensures that every other byproduct or ingredient that can be found inside of the plant is completely removed. In other words, if you were to buy a THC distillate, there will not be any kind of other cannabinoids such as CBD or nutrients found inside of this product.

So, why does not every oil on the market go through this same process? Well, most companies cannot afford to go through this process because it t takes a bit more time and it is more expensive which ultimately leads to a much more expensive product.

Take the CBD Distillate that can be found at Miami Rave CBD as an example. It is more than 94% pure, but as you can see it is a bit more expensive. The 250 mL bottle is around $2500 while a regular CBD oil will probably be just a few hundred dollars. You decide whether this kind of a Full Spectrum CBD Oil is worth the money. But, of course, there are also some very obvious benefits to using such a pure extract, so in the end, your budget should decide whether you should make this kind of purchase.

It can be consumed in many different ways

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I am sure you will be glad to know that you will be able to consume this product in every way possible. The most common and effective way of using these products is with a vape mod or a vape pen. It is always best to vaporize distillates because consuming them in their oil-like form can be a bit difficult.

The best thing about distillates is the fact that you get to experience the effects of THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids almost immediately. The moment you inhale that vapor, you will feel the effects going through your body.

It is odorless

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Another interesting thing about distillates is that it does not have any kind of odor or taste. It is a bit weird considering that we are talking about a pure extract that comes from a plant. The cannabinoid should have some kind of a taste, right?

In other words, you will not have to worry about adding any kind of sweetener to your dab rig or vape pen to nullify the taste of this pure extract. Although, there are some products that already come with a flavoring for people that prefer a sweeter taste well vaping or dabbing.


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I already mentioned the fact that consuming this type of product will induce the wanted effects in a matter of seconds. The reason that this happens is because of the fact that distillates have the highest level of potency. Even when consuming a tiny amount of this type of product, you will still immediately feel some kind of effect.

As you can see, it is obvious that cannabis distillates are the purest extract you can find anywhere. So, if you want to give up on smoking regular marijuana, I suggest checking out this alternative.