What is Squonking And Is It Different From Regular Vaping?

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Since vaping has become so popular in recent years, it is not a surprise that companies are upgrading and developing better devices that can provide users with an improved experience. The industry of vaping products is slowly becoming bigger than the tobacco industry. In that matter, we can see many brands known for cigarettes like Marlboro, Lucky Strike, and more, to start introducing their versions of e-cigarettes. The fact that many smokers already decided to switch to e-liquids is great because risks for developing various health issues are much lower with these electronic devices.

Also, vaping is a great way to stop being addicted to nicotine. One of the best products that quickly became very popular is Squonk. This device shares the same features as a standard vape pen but has a much bigger tank for e-liquid. Most vaping enthusiasts became interested in this device because it offers convenience, and you can use it much longer than any other vaping device without the need to recharge the tank.

For some of the best Squonk Mods, visit vapingvibe.com. Most people already heard about standard vapes, and squonking is an advanced version that can prolong the experience and satisfaction. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the main features of squonking, and some differences between it and standard vaping methods.

Main Features

The most important thing about squonking is to find a proper mod. The main advantage is that you can fill the tank by opening the device on the bottom side. When it comes to the differences with standard vape pens, the device will release pressure during the filling process, which gives the liquid much better features. The device is quite simple for use, and it is especially beneficial for people who prefer a small amount of vapor since you can always turn it off after only taking a few inhales. There is a great selection of mods available on the market, and you can choose between those with a bigger battery, mechanical ones, or mods for people with less experience, which are even more convenient. Besides the mod liquid, you will also have to buy a bottom feed pin, RDA, and e-liquid.

Benefits of Squonking

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The main advantage is that you won’t need to deal with refilling so much, like with standard devices. The average capacity of the tank is around 10 ml, which is enough for a whole day, at least for an average user. However, even if you need a refill, the whole process is simple, and you will only have to apply pressure on the bottle while filling the tank with e-liquid. Also, the process is safe, and there is no chance to spill the liquid around the device like is the case with other types of vapes. This product is perfect who prefer vaping more often. Also, if you are allowed to vape during your work, you won’t be losing time on adding more flavors, pens, or liquids.


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Most of the downsides are related to the complexity of this product. That means that people with less experience might struggle with setting it for the first time. Also, adding too much liquid is possible if you don’t pay enough attention, and that could cause the device to start leaking. Also, you will need some time to adapt to this vaping method. Another downside is related to the number of available devices on the market. Since this method is still new, we can say that the selection of mods is poor.

Is There Any Difference When Compared to Standard Vapes?

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The process is still the same, but if you choose the right liquid and mods from well-known producers, you can enjoy the extended flavor and much better experience. The main advantage of these devices, when compared to vape pens, is that they can last for much longer with a single charge. On the other hand, many people prefer standard e-pens because of the compact design, smaller size, elegance, and more. Therefore, you can select the right one by your preferences.

Also, you can combine mods and pens. For example, when you are going for a walk around the block, you can take your squonk with you. On the other side, you should have an additional electronic cigarette with an elegant and modern design that you can take on some special event like a business meeting, data, lunch, and more.

The Bottom Line

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If you are interested in buying this device, we advise you to learn more about its main features that might help you to make the best choice. Once you learn to fill and use it, it will become the main device that you are using for vaping. That is the experience of most people who ever tried this method. The advantage is that the liquid is contained in the tank that is part of the device, which means that you will have to refill it only once or twice during the day. On the other side, some people would rather avoid buying this device because of its size.

Many people who switched from cigarettes to vaping prefer vape pens because they resemble cigarettes, and help people to quit smoking for good.

Nevertheless, manufacturers are aware that some people don’t prefer the design and size. Therefore, we can find some more luxurious squonks available online, such as Wotofo. When it comes to similarities with other vaping methods, we can compare it with a box mod, but the downside of this option is a lack of a bottom tank. Furthermore, this is the best choice for people who want to experiment more and enjoy various flavors.

Moreover, this method is even more cleaner than regular vaping, since there are only minor changes to spill the liquid around the bottle during refills. The great advantage is the size of the tank, which is at last double pf the size of any other sort of vape pens. The price is very affordable as well.