Importance of Regular Eye Testing


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – you must have always heard this statement. So eyes play a very important role in your overall life. The world seems more colorful and vibrant when the eyes are perfect binoculars for seeking clarity. This is the utmost reason for getting the eye test online for reading glasses. People often believe that unless you don’t get into eyesight problems you don’t require an eye test. But this is not the case, similar to your body checkups your eyes should be also regularly tested. We think that buying zero-power spectacles will be okay for our eye health. Sometimes smart digitally equipped people try out the online eye test to get the correct prescription. This is a digital way to get your eyes checked by an optician without visiting the hospital physically. If we talk about the harsh reality which is often overlooked is the early symptoms of eye diseases. These eye diseases can’t be easily detected through a basic refractive error test. If you find this term very confusing then it means the test that is done to determine the power of your glasses is. Normally these tests are performed at schools and offices. Here in this article, we will understand the importance of regular eye tests.


Normally these eye examinations are performed by licensed doctors and opticians. They don’t just check your eye power for prescribing the glasses but also provide an overall condition of your eye health. This includes many types of check-up segments such as detecting eye pressure, the alignment of the eyes, and check the back and front parts of the eye. There are many types of early detections that can be realized through right eye checkups. These could be some ailments that can show their symptoms through eye checkups. These diseases could be diabetes, blood pressure issues, brain tumors, and stroke. Through the appearance of blood vessels around the eye, retina, and optic nerves, it becomes clearer to identify the diseases.

So if you want to understand the major reasons for getting your eyes checked – you must follow the following reasons. To establish the healthy eye baseline for identification of any change that occurs. Another is to check the possibility of any eye diseases or injury. By knowing the early signs of any upcoming diseases and monitoring them well. Now the frequency of how many times a person should visit an optician depends accordingly. The bar to judge the timings can be decided on several factors such as age and various other physical health. However, the doctors prescribe a certain table of guidelines for all people who opt for an eye test. The optician normally prescribes you the next schedule for your checkup. This ensures when you have any eye diseases then only you will be called for another session. Normally the time gap remains around two years, however, there are specific ages at which eye tests are important such as six months, three years, five years, and 18 to 40 years every two years the test should be undertaken. After forty years of age, the test must be conducted every year.


However, there are certain medical conditions that call out for high-frequency eye checkups. These considerations include situations such as redness, pain, tiredness in the eyes, eye-watering, misalignment, loss of vision, blurry eyes, headaches, cataracts, eye cancer or floaters, etc. When a person feels any such problem then the frequency must be high to visit an eye specialist. It is often told that even if you don’t have any such eye problem still you must wear zero-power spectacles. This will protect your eye from the excessive strain caused due to blue light filters, pollution, or sunlight. If a person is suffering from diabetes then he should get his blood sugar levels checked annually. In case a person is suffering from a particular disease then the medications give side effects on eye health. The users who wear the contact lens should go to the eye specialist so that he may give them the right prescription. There are various types of eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, ocular surface issues, etc. – in such cases, the person should have continuous visits to the doctor.

Now you must be thinking about the various procedures that occur during the eye test. So the routine eye checkup is parted into two sessions. The doctors take part during the clinic session where they supervise the final prescription. There are certain considerations that are to be taken before this eye test such as medical history. Based on your medical history the doctor will inquire you regarding your overall health or any past health condition. Sometimes the doctor may ask about any previous genetic history regarding your eyes. Another very common examination that is done is related to the eyesight to view near and far away objects. If you are found to default then he prescribes you spectacles with certain power glasses or contact lenses.


There is a non-contact tonometer machine that enables the accuracy of eye pressure. The person is given medicated eye drops. A machine called a slit lamp is quite special to detect eyesight. It is a certain type of microscopic machine that shows all the eyes in a magnified version. As this machine projects the illuminated picturization that’s why it becomes easier to see the retina and optic nerves. The dilation test is necessary every time one visits the eye specialist. Here the doctor gives you certain eye drops which help in dilating the pupils – and then the doctor is able to get a clear picture of your retina and optic nerve. As per the dilating agent, your eyes will be blurry for three to eight hours. So it’s better that you take a cab from the doctor’s clinic to home. During this time it’s better that you avoid light in any form because it will be intolerable. In some situations like serious issues, the doctor prescribes special tests.


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