6 Things You Need When Bringing up a Baby

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Are you expecting a new child soon? Or looking for what to get for your baby?

Whether you’re an expecting mum or dad, you’ll be looking forward to the birth of your child and wish the very best for them. So we’ve sat down and prepared a list of things that will be essential for your child.

With almost 250 babies born every minute throughout the world. This adds up to greater than 130 million babies born in a year. With this number of babies, there are tonnes of people getting the status of parents. (The Guardian)

So what do you need to know to raise your child as best you can?

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For the first three months, babies require quite a bit of attention and care. Beyond this, the baby starts to develop a sense of self and will grow smarter and smarter by itself every day, from slowly learning to crawl and move around on their own, their first words, and finally learning to walk and talk.

So here’s a short list of things that you will require when taking care of your child:

A place for them to rest:

A crib is essential for your baby. Whether you choose to put up a fancy crib or a basic one is up to your budget and style. However, remember to stay away from designs that might pose a threat to your child.

Certain types of cribs such as cribs with a dropping side can cause serious harm to babies, with several hundred complaints over the years. Spending the right amount will be the best way for you to ensure the safety of your child.

With a crib serving as a sleeping spot for a young child from the very beginning to almost three years, a crib is quite an important investment for a family.
However, you could always choose to have the child sleep along with you, provided you don’t move around in bed too much.

Ensure that the baby sleeps in soft material and gets a good amount of room.

Diapers and nappies:

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This is quite a necessity for kids as you might have already guessed. A changing pad, several, preferably about two dozen diapers, ointments, and creams to help maintain their skin.

You will also need wet wipes to clean up in the case of an accident, which happens more than often when taking care of a baby. You may choose to use conventional disposable diapers or if you’re more of an eco-friendly person, you might choose to use a reusable diaper.

Remember to stock up on hygiene and sanitary products for your baby as that is the key concern when keeping them healthy. With the right things in hand, you’ll never have to worry about your baby’s toilet needs again.


Every baby needs clothes, for the colder months, to protect against sunlight or simply to keep them from the dust.

A few pairs of undershirts or onesies, nightgowns, one-piece nightgowns, pants, hats, mittens, socks or little boots, and definitely a jacket and blanket for when it gets cold.
Clothing is very important for babies. Some babies have certain allergies and can develop rashes on wearing certain material so if you notice anything unusual, make sure to get it checked immediately.

Remember to have soft towels as well for when you want to dry your baby.

Baby Capsules and strollers:

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You always need a handheld capsule to carry your baby around in or a stroller to take them on walks and fun trips. Having a baby capsule makes it a lot easier for you to transport your child around in a car safely, without having to worry about them being hurt.

Make sure to have a stroller that lets your newborn lie flat so they don’t end up choking. With very varying sleep times, babies are going to be hard to take around without getting their required sleep.

Buying a well made and designed capsule or stroller by a well-known and highly reputed company like Maxi Cosi is what you should do.

A car booster seat:

In today’s world moving around by car happens almost daily. However, a toddler is too small to use the standard safety belts, so how do you keep them safe? The answer you’re looking for comes in the form of booster seats.

Booster seats may be used for children almost up to the age of 10. Buying a certified seat from the ministry of the safety of the country you are in is the best-recommended measure. Companies like Maxi Cosi can guarantee your child’s safety by making government-approved booster seats.

Medical provisions:

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When a baby is born it is susceptible to several diseases and illnesses. So giving your child the required vaccines is essential. Beyond this, however, they can also fall victim to some other maladies such as a cold or a fever.

Taking your baby for checkups often is a good way to ensure that they haven’t contracted anything that could harm them. In such cases, it is a good idea to keep fever medication, a baby thermometer, and a baby spoon ready at all times.

Babies tend to be quite curious and will put almost anything into their mouths so be cautious at all times. Having a baby is quite a stressful time, from having to ensure that they are healthy, to buying tonnes of clothes and other paraphernalia, to being stuck up all night owing to their cries.

After childbirth itself, the first few months are quite hectic and troublesome for the parents, from the stress of making sure the baby is safe to the routine nighttime crying sessions.
Remember to stock up on the essentials aforementioned: the bed, the carriage, the clothing, diapers and nappies, and medical provisions.

So make sure you take care of yourselves during this time as well and have fun being parents, they aren’t going to be little forever. Congratulations on your child and good luck with the joys and sorrows of parenting!