5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Ride For Your Wedding Day

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One of the most beautiful moments in your life is on your wedding day. However, it is also the most stressful event. You will be most annoyed during the planning period, especially if you don’t start creating a plan on time. To enjoy that day, you will have to go through a lot of detail in the days before the ceremony. This means that it is necessary to set aside a lot of time, because organizing this day is not a small job.

It takes a lot of concentration and calmness to achieve everything. It is advisable to start preparations as soon as you decide to get married. When it comes to obligations around the ceremony, there is a list of priorities. Transportation should be at the very beginning of this list, as it can affect all other items. There are a few tricks to help you choose the best transportation for your special day.

1. Choose a wedding theme

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All newlyweds opt for one theme when it comes to this important day. It is not enough to wear the most beautiful dress and exchange vows because most people want to spice up their wedding with a dose of unusualness. That’s why they decide on a certain wedding theme. Deviation from conventional entertainment has become a trend. When you combine an unusual ambiance, appropriate transportation, and the theme of the celebration, your wedding will be very difficult to forget. This will make it easier for you to make all the other decisions because you will simply be guided by the topic. For example, if you like classics, shine, and glamor, then the theme of old Hollywood is the right choice for you. The elegance and rhythm of jazz will complete the most important day in your life. If you want to achieve an even better effect, determine the dress code.

Let your guests come dressed in adequate toilets, with interesting decorations and hairstyles from the last century. Since neutral interior colors and vintage style will prevail, you will probably opt for an old-timer or limousine. In addition, champagne and enjoying the luxury it offers, are also present. The only difference between the sedan and the old-timer is the size. While the first vehicle is quite large, old-timers are much less comfortable, but they are very beautiful and leave an impressive impression. Of course, there are still many choices such as carriages, weddings by boat, helicopter, etc. It all depends on the topic you choose. Of course, modern cars are always in fashion because they attract special attention.

2. Determine the number of guests

Remind the guests to definitely answer your call, ie to confirm whether they are definitely coming or not, by a certain deadline, which will allow you to book transportation on time. Also, know that there are always those who may not respond in time, or will not respond at all, so always book a vehicle with more seats than the final one, as there is always a chance that one of the guests will just show up. The word of the vehicle mostly depends on the number of people who come to the event, based on which you will decide on the variant that suits you best at that moment.

In case you need more vehicles, try to make a reservation as early as possible. Also, consider the special needs of your guests. In case one of the guests requires special treatment, you must provide it. Talk to the company you are renting a car from so they can keep that in mind. Adjust transportation so that everyone is comfortable.

3. Do research

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Do some research before you book anything. This means that you will check most of the reviews online in detail, communicate with satisfied and dissatisfied users of the services of certain companies and ask for recommendations. You should also ask key questions to companies and ask them for special details that interest you. Check their websites like Cheaplimousineservice.ca and see for yourself whether you like the offer or not. Don’t forget to inquire about restrictions, additional costs, fees, employee certificates, etc.

However, make sure you do as many wedding tasks as possible before talking to the company. This will give them a lot more information, and they will help you find the right transport. It is advisable to determine the date, budget, number of guests, route, and other details before the consultation. The size of the dress is also important.

4. Make a plan

Before you make important decisions, pay for services, or book certain companies, make sure everything goes according to plan. So, plan every part of the ceremony, but also everything you should do before that. Determine exactly when people will be picked up and taken to the event, especially if there are several stops on the way there. Think about whether you want to start having fun as soon as you get in the car.

The type of vehicle also depends on the time of year during which the wedding takes place. When the celebration season is over, it will probably be very difficult to reserve a suitable vehicle, because everyone will want to have it on their wedding day. However, an insufficient number of vehicles is not the only problem that awaits you if you start performing tasks late. There probably won’t be enough drivers, prices will be high, etc. The first and last day of the month is equally bad choices. Companies

5. Set a budget

If you have not planned a budget so far, and you do not want to spend all your wealth on transportation, do it now. This will be the most useful guideline because you will eliminate at least a few choices in the beginning. Budgeting will help you get better organized and prioritize. Don’t forget to set aside some money for unforeseen situations, because you can always expect them when it comes to such a large organization.


Call again a few days before the event to confirm all the details or to possibly announce some changes, if any. That way you will be sure that everything will really be as you imagined. You should have no major problems if you follow our advice.