Top 6 Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas


A wedding is one of the most memorable days in a couple’s life. The wedding ceremony is the core activity of the wedding day. All eyes are looking toward the stage at the faces of the groom and bride.

Makeup, bag, flower bouquet, dress, and each thing when the couple advances toward the altar for vows. The well-decorated aisle set a fantastic and romantic tone in the backdrop. It’s also an excellent way to create a romantic tone in the ceremony. Here we’ve brought 6 wedding aisle decor ideas.

1. Candles


Till the day, candles are the simplest and most romantic way to decorate the aisle—one of the fantastic ways to add a romantic ambiance to the whole event. Several candle decors come into play to make an excellent wedding aisle, i.e., candlesticks, candelabra, pillar candles, metallic lanterns, and tealight lanterns.

To add more beauty and romance, flowers do a remarkable job. Rose petals also go well with candles, adding a classic romance tone. You can experiment with multiple patterns to introduce petals, but creating a petal carpet is incredible.

2. Greenery


Instead of using flowers, candles, or anything else, you can decorate the aisle with the help of greenery. Greenery is a great thing that can make alive a dead decor. There are certain possibilities of adding greenery. One of these ideas there a natural aisle between the green bushes. On the other hand, you can also decorate your indoor wedding aisle with natural or artificial greenery.

Using different textures and depth, you can create a stunning backdrop of walking the groom and bride on the way to the altar. While decorating the indoor aisle, you can mix the greenery with many shades, i.e., candles and flowers. Instead of using a traditional mud pot for holding the foliage, you can go with clear crystal glass jars. You can find such jars on

3. Ombre Decor


A budget-friendly but luxurious aisle decor option. It elevates the backdrop of a walking couple on the aisle. It’s effortless to make it. It is so easy that even if I describe what ombre is. In ombre, you can select only one color, yes, only one, and its shade colors.

You can use complementary color charts to find the complementary shades of color. After selection, there are many ways to decorate your aisle with it. You can make an ombre carpet or hang complementary colored flowers against the wall.

4. Colorful Blooms


Flowers always elevate the look of any decor when they become a part of it. It is one of the versatile ideas to decorate the aisle with floral and colorful blooms. You have to shop such flowers that match the wedding theme.

Once you are clear about the type of flower, you can add as many or as small as you like. Flowers essentially play a role in adding texture and charming style to your aisle. With the flowers, you can also set the mode or tone of your wedding aisle.

You can also buy luscious blooms and beautiful wreaths by putting them in a bouquet beside each chair on the wedding aisle.

5. Tie the Ribbons


Ribbons do a great job of decorating the aisle. It is an excellent way to add a stylish touch to your aisle. It is very simple to make ribbons. Buy the fabric according to the length of the aisle, and call your troops.

They will feel too much happy to help in decorating your wedding. Direct them about the desired length and width. They will help to cut them down and tie them with the chairs. Now there are two options for adding ribbon as a decor in your wedding ceremony.

If the ceremony is going to be held indoors, then tie the ribbons on the chairs beside the aisle. If the ceremony is outdoor, you can add an ethereal vibe to your aisle by attaching bows to tree branches. You can choose the material and color but with the consideration of design and budget.

6. Pampas Grass


Pampas grass is in trending exponentially high as wedding decor. It is a great way to give a versatile look to your wedding aisle. One thing about the pampas grass is that you can find it on your low budget and around the year. It’s beautiful to add a soft boho touch. Whatever the color, it becomes complementary to the flowers.

Color, theme, and style are the most critical aspects. With this great pampas grass, you change the mode with the help of different flowers and colors, whether you are setting a small aisle or a large backdrop.


Aisle decoration is almost inevitable in a wedding ceremony. It offers an excellent backdrop for walking toward the alter for vows. You can make the frame more romantic by introducing candles on the aisle. You can do it with candle holders are some crystal-clear glass decors.

Adding greenery to the aisle will make alive even the dead floor. Ombre is a contemporary decor style that is very much popular in Arab countries. Now it is overtaking different cultures as a stunning decor. Flowers and blooms present an elegant look to the entire venue and make the whole surroundings fresh with natural perfume. Tying ribbons with the chairs is a simple and sweet way to decorate the aisle. Pampa grass is new, but you can mix it with any color.

These were the top 6 wedding aisle decor ideas; if you find something more to add to the article, please let’s know in the comment section.