A Comprehensive Guide to Wedding Candles

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Wherever the candles glow, they create a romantic and dramatic environment. Candles are lit in wedding ceremonies with the concept of bringing light to the life of two loved ones and warmth to their heart.

It also shows the warmth of relatives and friends with the couple, who will start their journey. Moreover, candles create a favorable environment to click some splendid memories with the camera.

Different Types of Candles for Your Wedding

Here are different types of candles that create a fairy tale environment in your wedding ceremony.

Taper Candles

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A long, cylindrical candle that gradually becomes narrow from base to top. These plain or twisted candles set an excellent mode in a wedding ceremony at a meager cost. With these candles, you can set both antique and modern modes in your wedding.

You can get a taper candle according to your color choice for setting up the desired mode according to your color choice. When these candles are arranged in pairs of tall and short, they create a whimsical effect on the tablescape. The view gets more splendid when they are placed in glass centerpieces. You will get a dramatic effect when they are placed on the floor with a golden candle holder.

Tealight Candles

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A light glow in the deep dark corners will create unparalleled scenery at your wedding ceremony. Tealight candles will help you to create such a mode in your wedding ceremony. These small candles in metal casings enclose the wax as the candle burns.

Hanging tealight candles indoors or outdoors, enclosed in lanterns, suspension jars, or glass holders creates an unparalleled scenery. Tealight along the aisle will make each step memorable for your whole life. The tealight candle’s diffused and low-level glow creates a soft and simple mode on the tablescape.

Pillar Candles

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Strong, stout, and long-lasting pillar candles are among the best decor for any wedding ceremony. These candles bring a great glow and elegant look to the lightened-up location. It will glow uniformly on trimming the wick before lightening up each time.

Positioning the pillar candle on the stone steps of the grand staircase presents an elegant look at each step. Pillar candles are equally enchanting on the floor like a grand staircase. Mixing and matching pillar candles based on height, color, and width make your wedding theme unparalleled. In short, the splendid wedding theme, in a simple way, can be created with pillar candles.

Votive candles

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Tall in height and long burning hours make it superior to tealight candles. They create the same splendid, soft, simple scenery as tealight candles. These candles completely liquify during the burning, so place them in candle holders to reuse them after the ceremony. It is best to take a romantic bridal shot to place votive candles beside the photo set.

Dress up the dark corner with these timed light candles set an unparalleled mode in the wedding ceremony. Place them in glass jars and hang them up with the branches of a tree or ceiling of the floor, which will add class and luxury to your wedding event.

How Many Candles to Buy for Your Wedding

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Before buying candles, you must ask the venue manager whether it is allowed to glow candles or not.

Due to security factors, many places don’t allow lights to fire at the venue. Because some venues are made of wood, any fire accident can devastate the ceremony and venue. If your venue lags in air circulation, the excessive lighting of candles causes suffocation and proves problematic for the respiratory system. Some don’t allow burning candles to make their venue eco-friendly.

If the manager has allowed you to light up the candles, then focus on the following aspects and buy according to the following spots. These candles will elevate the wedding venue.

Nature of the venue

If the ceremony is outdoor, you can light up more candles at different spots to create a fairy tale setup. You can light up only a few candles if the ceremony is outdoor.

Number of tables

A set of 6 candles is the best for each table. Use tall, thin, and taper candles to a tablescape. It will elevate the look, draw people’s attention, and keep them engaged with the view.

Number of people

20 candles for 10 people will make the view splendid and unparalleled. 10 to 15 candles are required for the wall behind the setting of 10.

Candles for Altar

It varies in the range between 2 to 6. Now it’s up to you how many candles you buy for the altar.

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Candles for staircase

It is better to decorate the staircase with 2 pillar candles. A pillar candle with a golden candle holder that you can buy from will elevate the entire view.

Unity candles

Buy 3 unity candles.

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A wedding is a life last memory of any married couple’s life. You can make it more splendid and elevate the look of the entire venue by decorating it with candles. Certain types of candles create specific modes at the event. Dark corners with tealight candles, turn on the romantic mode.

A golden candle holder carrying a taper candle creates a dramatic look. Votive candles can make up the entire romantic view for longer hours. But you have to buy a candle holder.

You can find excellent designs and deals on votive candle holders at sziqiqi.com. Pillar candles create an elegant view of the staircase, tablescape, and even the floor. Buy the candles according to the number of people, table, stairs, and venue space. The more the candles, the more the aesthetic look that you’ll get.

If you know anything more than the above discussed, we’ll be more than happy to know about it. Let’s know in the following comment section.