Cannabidivarin (CBDV) – Next Chapter in the Field of Cannabis?


We all know that the cannabis plant has a rather complicated molecular buildup, right? Apart from fiber, waxes, oils, and terpenes, it has, according to scientists, hundreds of unique cannabinoids.

It no longer surprises that even your grandma knows keywords such as CBD and THC and the market is full of products with these compounds: edibles, vapes, oils, tinctures, topicals, not to mention products intended for intimate care.

However, not many know about the upcoming mainstream cannabinoids yet. There is CBN, CBC, CBG, and CBDV, which were recently introduced in the market!

What is CBDV?


Quite often I receive this question and, truthfully, there is no single answer. Only a handful of strains of cannabis flower produce this minor cannabinoid, which is why it is a less-known molecule! CBDV cannabinoid is very similar to CBD in molecular structure, but it has differences in effects.

In appearance, CBDV isolate is a white crystalline material that can sometimes have some yellowish tint due to small amounts of other colorful cannabinoids present in the isolate. It is well soluble in oils, alcohols, and organic solvents, however, it does not dissolve in water, and at the time of writing – only a couple of search hits appear for a water-soluble CBDV solution, even though CBD water-soluble formulations are widespread.

For this matter, it is always good to contact someone who has experience in this field.

What are the benefits of CBDV?


Science is rather scarce at this point and there is still much to learn about the effects of CBDV. The latest research suggests similar effects to CBD in certain cases, for example, alleviation of seizures linked to Rett’s syndrome. But CBDV has much more potential as it was shown to reduce intestinal inflammation in mice in academic research performed only several years ago.

This shows that CBDV could be full of surprises, in a good sense. And are there any side effects associated with CBDV oils? As of today, it seems that there are no known side effects, at least none have been reported and there are some clinical trials underway. So we can expect more information in the near future about safe dosage and distribution.

Is it possible to try it yourself?


The short answer is yes, several companies already offer CBDV for sale. However, it should be noted that trusted brands are important at this point as many can try to trick you into buying CBD instead of CBDV. Hence, check your sources and always pay attention to the certificates that come with the product.

It can come as natural CBDV isolate or synthetic CBDV isolate, these two are identical products as long as there are no impurities. What is more, it seems that more and more brands are adding CBDV distillates or CBDV oils into their product catalogs, meaning that in the near future we should expect a lot of answers to the questions about usage, dosage, safety, and full potential of this new cannabinoid!