7 Ways to Spice It up in the Bedroom

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Keeping your sex life fresh and exciting is the key to a healthy relationship, especially if you’ve been in a monogamous relationship for a long time. It’s too easy to fall into a routine that may seem comforting at first but can eventually turn boring.

Don’t wait for the inevitable disappointment that comes with routine sex life. Try out something new in the bedroom, from introducing a prostate massager to engaging in naughty foreplay.

1. Prostate Massager

Sex toys often have an incorrect reputation for being solely used on and for women but there are plenty of ways men can benefit from a pleasurable toy. A prostate massager is one of the best toys for men as it specifically targets what is commonly known as the male version of a g-spot: the prostate. To deliver a mind-blowing orgasm to your male partner, introduce a prostate massager.

2. Wear Sexy Lingerie

If sex is starting to feel more like a chore than an intimate activity, adding lingerie into the mix is a simple way to take things to the next level. Lingerie can feel even more alluring if it’s not something you wear for your partner often as it will feel new and exciting. Make it an experience by shopping together or having your partner pick something out for you.

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3. Change Up Sex Positions

When sex with a monogamous partner becomes routine, it’s easy to fall into tried-and-true positions. This is especially true for parents or busy couples who often don’t have a ton of time to devote to sex, as it’s simple to stick with what works. Instead of engaging in the same positions, switch it up with something new. For example, if girl-on-top is a go-to position, try engaging in reverse cowgirl for a small but effective change-up.

4. Engage in Anal Sex

Some couples don’t engage in anal sex regularly, and if that’s how it is for you and your partner, consider giving it a shot. Anal sex penetrates an entirely new area with different nerve endings that can deliver a whole new type of orgasm. It can feel intimidating but take it step-by-step with each other slowly and with lots of communication to find a comfortable groove that works for both of you.

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5. Change the Location

The bedroom is the most common place to engage in sex, but it’s not the only place. There are tons of other places in your house that are perfect for sex that can feel exciting. Strip down on the couch or a cozy chair. Lift your partner onto the kitchen countertop or dining room table. Move around your home and find new places to do the deed. You can even make a fun game out of it and see how many different places you can find to have sex.

A location change doesn’t have to be within the home. Go outside of the house to find new (and safe) places to engage in sex. Even if you decide to take it to the back seat of the car in front of a captivating nature view, it’s still a nice change that feels just a bit naughty.

6. Play a Sexual Game

Similar to making a game out of finding new places to have sex within your house, you can use gameplay to enliven your sex life. Try playing a board game or card game with a strip element to it. Raise the stakes by having the winner “win” oral play. There are even games specifically made for sexual acts, such as sex card games that list a sexual act you can perform on your partner. The notion of a game makes sex more exciting and can increase your level of intimacy.

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7. Role Play

If you and your partner are feeling sex is becoming a bit mundane, introduce someone new into the bedroom by engaging in role-playing. Talk with each other about scenarios you find sexy and act them out with each other. While you can choose to role-play with dirty talk, you could take it one step further by dressing the part. Role-playing is a great way to work out your creative juices and engages in fantastical ideas that keep your sex life spicy.


You don’t have to settle for a sex life that leaves you unfulfilled and disconnected from your partner. Try any (or all) of these ideas to get creative in the bedroom and find brand-new ways to please the one you love.