How To Wash And Care For Modal Fabric Sleepwear


A revolutionary environmentally-friendly textile or simply a comfortable, stretchy, and lightweight sleepwear fabric? The choice is yours.

Whatever you believe about modal fabric, you cannot deny modal’s influence on the fashion industry. Especially the sleepwear sector.

Eberjey is a brilliant sleepwear brand that has many pairs of modal mens pajamas available for you to purchase. And though you’ll never regret buying a pair of modal fabric pajamas, you do need to know exactly how to care for your sleepwear to make it last.

Here’s our guide on how to do just that

What Is Modal?


This is a semi-synthetic fabric that also happens to be a type of rayon, which is made using purified cellulose fibers. Modal is also a bio-based material created by spinning reconstituted cellulose that is derived from beech trees.

In general, modal fibers are much stronger and far more stable than generic rayon and have a softness that resembles cotton. While it’s possible to produce modal fabric by itself, it can be used in conjunction with other fibers such as cotton and elastane.

Some people might have an allergy to modal fabrics. If you haven’t worn a modal sleepwear garment before, test it first to gauge how your skin reacts (and how it feels).

Clothes Made From Modal Fabric

Modal is a highly versatile fabric that can be used in various ways. This means you’ll typically find it used in numerous clothing and household items.

The material is both absorbent and breathable which makes it a brilliant alternative to cotton. Specifically, it’s an excellent material to use for towels, pajamas, bedsheets, bathrobes, and underwear. However, modal fabric has gained a lot of recent fame in activewear.

How To Wash Modal Fabric Sleepwear


Modal activewear, underwear, sleepwear, and shirts will need to be washed after every use. However, you might be able to get away with washing modal jackets or pants several times before they need to be cleaned.

If you don’t know how to wash this material, keep reading.

Hand Wash

Handwashing is always a great way of thoroughly washing more delicate modal items, including activewear and underwear.

  • Add 2 capfuls or a squirt of your favorite laundry detergent to a sink or washbasin full of cool water.
  • Submerge your modal fabric sleepwear and then gently move the water around with your hands to ensure the soap is evenly distributed. Leave your item to soak for around 30 minutes.
  • Thoroughly rinse your item by running cool water over it until the water is no longer packed with soap. Never wring your item and, instead, opt to press out the water.

Machine Wash

If you are washing more delicate garments, put them into a mesh washing bag. For other items, add the sleepwear directly into the washing machine if this is specified. Use a gentle cycle with a cold water setting.

Our advice is to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions that will be provided on the fabric care label of the garment.

How To Care For Modal Fabric Sleepwear



You have the choice between air drying your modal fabric sleepwear or using a cooler cycle in a tumble dryer. Whatever you decide on, make sure to check all of the instructions on the label to ensure you’re not damaging the sleepwear!

In a tumble dryer, all modal sleepwear must be dried using a temperature that ranges anywhere from medium to high. They must also be removed from the dryer while they are still slightly damp so that you reduce the risk of wrinkles. We’d also recommend giving each piece a decent shake.

To freshen your modal sleepwear between washing, it’s completely safe for you to spritz it with a clothes spray.

Hanging and Folding

Modal sleepwear tends to do best when it is immediately removed from the dryer and then carefully hung or folded. Modal sleepwear isn’t prone to big creases so you should be able to pack your items away in whatever way you choose.

Ironing and Storing

If your model sleepwear can be ironed, we’d recommend using a pressing cloth, or even a simple piece of available cotton fabric to support it. Steaming your modal garment is also an effective way of loosening wrinkles.

Store your modal sleepwear in a dry and cool place to ensure longevity.


And that’s all there is to it! Provided you follow these instructions as accurately as possible, you’ll learn how to properly care for your modal fabric sleepwear in no time at all!