How to Care For Your Wavy and Curly Wigs


All the wigs require proper care, so they can last longer. Regular products and combs aren’t always the best choice, especially if the wig is curly or wavy. These hairstyles are pretty stylish and if you want to buy one for yourself, you need to know that even the care for naturally curly hair is very difficult, and requires special care and products.

The curly wigs are perfect for those who want stylish waves, without being afraid that the weather conditions will damage their looks. Taking care of this type of wig is not the easiest thing you will face in your life. If you need to wear one like that, you have to be ready to invest a lot of time in keeping it shiny and “healthy”, so you can use it for a longer time.

The wavy and curly wigs come in so many styles, lengths, colors, and densities. You have to know that every one of them requires special care, and it may vary from one model to another. You can pay a visit to the to learn more about different styles and of course, your options too.

1. Never brush it as you do to your natural hair


No matter if you have a synthetic or natural wig, brushing it is a huge mistake. The curls will lose their shape and they will look like a mop or ramen noodles, and you don’t want that to happen. Keep in mind that these models are specially manufactured and shaped, and since the hairs aren’t connected to the follicles, they can’t imitate the real curly hair. Even if you somehow do comb or brush it, it will be very difficult to shape those bouncy curls once again, no matter how many styling products you use. Also, some wigs require regular maintenance, but they usually come with a special wide comb, and you have to split it into sections and carefully comb it. Use conditioning spray to detangle the sections, if needed.

2. Use the protective cover that comes with the wig

This will help you to keep the wig clean and well-maintained. It will protect the hairs from dust and other dirt that may fall on them while keeping them in the wardrobe or on your toilette table. Once you want to wear it, simply remove the cover, and you will be surprised by how well it looks. Don’t use any fabrics you can find at home. Usually, it’s made of textile that will keep it tidy and clean all the time, without causing tangling and other unpleasant things.

3. Split it into sections after every wear


You need to check if the curls are tiny or thick, wavy, or they look like natural afro-curls. Don’t try to stylize the whole wig at once. After every wear, you have to split the hairs into smaller sections, so you can easily maintain them. You have to understand what type of wig you have, and how it “behaves”, so you can successfully take care of it.

4. Use a detangling moisturizer

Make sure that you have the right moisturizing spray or mist for your wig. You can find them in specialized stores or order from the same seller. Don’t try to comb it without moisturizing the sections. After that, the wide-tooth comb will help you get the wig tidy, without making it look frizzy.

5. Restore and store


Here is a good trick for restoring the curls. If they are losing their shape, you can always get back the original style, by splitting it into even smaller sections, using a stylizing product, and twisting the hairs around your finger. Be gentle, so you won’t shred or pull the hairs. This will help you restore the original look. After that, you are ready to store it, using the wig case that will protect it from becoming frizzy and tangled.

6. Wash it only when needed

While synthetic wigs don’t require this type of care, natural ones will need occasional washing. You need to use a special shampoo because the over-the-counter brands aren’t really good for wigs. So, apply a wig shampoo, be gentle, and wash it off. You can add some conditioner for wigs too. Rinse the residue nicely. Use a few towels to absorb the moisture from the wig. Don’t pull it, and don’t try to remove the excess water by twisting it. Also, don’t rub it, but gently pat it, so the moisture is completely absorbed. Don’t blow dry it. Leave it to get dry, and then place it on the mannequin stand.

7. How often do you need to deep clean it?

Keep in mind that the wigs and other hair extensions don’t need to be washed every few days. There are ways to keep the surface that touches your skin clean, so you can prevent additional hair loss, skin conditions, dandruff, or acne. The sweat can create an exceptional environment for bacteria, so no matter how good the wig is, you need to at least clean it after every wear. But, how often to wash it? You can do that every few weeks in general, but you should ask the seller about that because different models require different care.


No matter what’s the reason why do you wear a wig, you have to keep it clean and tidy all the time. It mimics your natural hair, and the less care you take for it, the more visible the damage is.

There isn’t a general recommendation on how to do these things properly. Once you order your wig, or you buy it from a store, you should ask for detailed instructions, so you can be sure you are doing these things right.

In this article, we mentioned the general practices you need to follow, but keep in mind that curls and waves come in so many styles, so you have to adapt to them. Learn how to maintain your new wavy wig, and you will have no problem looking stylish all the time.