Best 5 VPNs That German Businesses Should Use in 2024

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Running a business is already very tough and the surged frequency of cyber-attacks and threats has made business owners a bit more worried. As German-based businesses are the prime targets of Russian hackers, they have to go the extra mile to protect the user data and prevent any mishap.

Thinking, how is it possible?

Well, VPN is one of the most workable solutions to this problem. In the internet world, a VPN is no less than life insurance in the actual world. It keeps digital assets protected. In this post, we will talk about the best 5 options that businesses in Germany should use to better internet safety.

VPN in Germany – Why It Is a Must-Have Accessory

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Before we talk about the best VPNs in Germany, as explained by VPNWelt, let’s try to understand why using this tool is important.

Cyber Threats

For a very long, Germany has been on the hit list of Russian hackers. The majority of businesses have already experienced malware injection, data theft, DDoS attacks, and various other threats from Russian hackers. So, you can’t think of running a business without having adequate internet security measures.

With the help of a VPN, you add tons of security features to the network and keep data safe. Additionally, you must know about cybersecurity trends to keep your systems protected.


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Germany is a country where user data privacy is a priority. As a business, it’s obvious that certain user data will be under your possession and you ought to protect it.

If, because of your faulty internet security practices, any user faces heavy loss or experiences sensitive data theft, serious actions can be taken against you. Who wants this mess?

Changed Work Culture

Since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, work-from-home became a norm. Even if its effect has reduced and people are returning to offices, a huge chunk of the workforce is operational from their living or bedroom.

In that case, transferring sensitive information over an unprotected home network isn’t safe. Businesses must provide VPN support to the employees who are working from home and reduce the risk.

Considering the above points, it’s unwise to raise the utility of a VPN for German businesses.

Top 5 VPNs For Germany

Now that it’s clear VPN is essential for German businesses, it’s time to learn about the best choices to make.

1. ExpressVPN

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ExpressVPN is a universal favorite and is something that can be trusted blindly. Businesses and individuals get hugely benefitted from its matchless security features. It’s one of those rare VPNs that keeps user data privacy the topmost priority.

With features like IP leak, military-grade encryption, no-log policy, third-party audit, and many more, it helps businesses to keep user data safe and out of the reach of hackers.

Overall, it features 3,000+ servers. In Germany, its servers are located in two prime locations: Frankfurt and Nuremberg. All of its German servers are RAM-disk metal servers and enough to prevent any data logging from happening.

Businesses will benefit hugely from this VPN if they are very much into P2P file sharing because it has optimized servers for this job.

Usually, a certain speed slowdown is expected with a VPN connection. However, ExpressVPN ensures that it’s not too much. You can use this VPN to protect various kinds of OS and data-driven devices. So, no matter what kind of system your employees are using, you can keep them protected.

As it also offers a very intuitive router app, you can protect the entire network system in one go. Oh! Did we told about its fuss-free money-back guarantee?

ExpressVPN allows its users to use this tool in its full capacity for 30 days and if you’re not satisfied, you can claim a refund. Without asking any questions, they will process your refund. All in all, it’s the best bet to make.

2. NordVPN

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NordVPN comes second on the list. This VPN is best known for the cost-effectiveness that ExpressVPN fails to offer. It offers ExpressVPN-like advanced security features at a subsided cost. This is one reason for its wide adoption by start-ups and small-to-medium scale businesses in Germany and worldwide.

Even if you’re not a tech-driven business, you can use this tool to protect user data as all of its apps/browser extensions/APK files are very easy to install. The website also offers detailed set-up, installation, and troubleshooting assistance in the form of tutorials and guides.

More than 200 severs, out of 5,000+, are located in Germany.

Hence, connectivity and speed won’t be an issue. These servers are backed with exceptional features like DoubleVPN, obfuscated servers, IP leak, WireGuard, OpenVPN, and many more. In a nutshell, it has everything that a VPN needs to keep business operations protected.

3. Surfshark

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Surfshark is the choice of many because of its unlimited offering. You’re allowed to have unlimited connections, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switch, and unlimited speed with this VPN.

So, if you’re a business that consumes too much bandwidth and needs to protect a wide range of devices then consider Surfshark.

It owns an extensive network featuring RAM-disk metal servers, spread across the world. Berlin and Frankfurt are the cities where it had dedicated servers.

It comes with a money-back guarantee and a 7-days free trial. So, there is no reason to be apprehensive. Give it a try today and you won’t regret it.

4. CyberGhost

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CyberGhost offers what the rest of the German VPNs fail to offer. It is a 45-days money-back guarantee. Yes, you heard it right. You can claim your refund after using the VPN for 45 days. There is one more thing that makes CyberGhost the best German VPN and it’s its wide server network in Germany.

Over 1,000 servers are located in servers. So, you have ample options. All of its German servers are zero-log and are backed with advanced encryption.

When using an over Wi-Fi connection, you will get maximum protection with CyberGhost. This is a great choice for obvious reasons.

5. IPVanish

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Web users and businesses of Germany can have safe internet accessibility with IPVanish as it prevents deep packet inspection, Wi-Fi issues, and censorship. It provides dedicated apps for different devices and OS. By completely hiding IP addresses, it leads to better internet security.

It has over 50 servers in Frankfurt, Germany. Give it a try for sure.

Ending Notes

You may not know but Germany is the fourth country that experiences the highest number of cyber-attacks. So, you must consider using a VPN if you’re in Germany. The above-mentioned options won’t disappoint you at all.