Modern Corporate Housing in the German Capital

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Germany is emerging as a great destination for corporations to set up shop and open offices as the business climate is ever so changing in the capital.

Berlin is one of the many German cities with a growing economy and it can be really challenging to find a place to settle down if you’re a business or a company owner.

But luckily for you, there is plenty of corporate housing in the capital that would perfectly suit your company’s needs. In this article, we will discuss what your options are and where to look for them.

So, if you’re in need of corporate housing in Berlin, then this is the article for you.

Corporate Housing in Germany

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For many startups and new businesses, the go-to option was to book guest houses or hotels. But as you can imagine, this doesn’t give the companies much-needed privacy nor does it fulfill their business needs.

Seeing that hotel accommodation can be very costly while a guest house doesn’t give you the entirety of the house, the need for a better alternative has been the driving force behind Berlin’s corporate housing.

Not only is this a better alternative in terms of temporary corporate housing in Berlin, but it’s also great for the long-term.

By renting it on a monthly bases, business apartments in Berlin are highly accessible, available, and up to the standards of what businesses need.

Why Is It Affordable?

What is it that makes this an affordable option for corporations and businesses?

Well, partly for what makes it so great is the fact that corporate housing is affordable. Since not all options need to be on the high-end of the spectrum, there are quite a lot of mid-range options that businesses can use as their primary office space, while also providing the employees with space where they can rest.

We mentioned earlier about renting guests’ houses as not being a great alternative due to the unavailability of the entire home. Well, that’s not really the case as plenty of businesses rent single room apartments solely to give their employees the option to rest in privacy.

But the emphasis really has to be placed on the word “corporate”. Berlin is a great ecosystem for businesses and companies would very much rent corporate space than residential.

Both residential and corporate housing come with a different price. And although both can be used for any type of needs, corporate apartments in Berlin come much cheaper.

How To Find Corporate Housing?

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Now onto the big question – how to find suitable corporate housing for your business needs in the city of Berlin, Germany?

Temporary Housing

This is a very popular option and a short-term one that works for everybody. Namely, sometimes a business is looking to relocate their offices, so they chose temporary housing where they can continue operating until they’ve settled into their new offices.

This usually is anything between a week and two weeks max, but it isn’t unheard for a company to rent it for the month. Ideally, your best bet would be to find a furnished one so you don’t have to go through the hassle of relocating furniture.

Access to the internet should always be a max priority and a great place to look for temporary housing would be an online service that does just that. Click here for a closer look.

Long-Term Housing

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Long-term is always an option for various reasons. Sometimes, a business will benefit more by renting long-term space than to do for a month.

By long-term, it usually means anything from a month to a year. Although the company could always extend their stay for more than that, most don’t go over the 12-month stay.

Why Choose Corporate Housing?

Since we’ve talked about how great it is, why not talk about why you should actually choose it?

Apart from the affordability factor, let’s examine a few others.

Great For Business Travel

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No doubt about it, the people that need corporate housing the most are business travelers that travel to the city of Berlin to close a deal between two companies.

They Are Luxurious

In addition to being excellent for business travelers, they provide the much-needed amenities and luxurious that we all expect from a house.

Since we are all used to watching prime television, a fully equipped kitchen, a dishwasher, BBQ grills, on-site mail delivery, a balcony with chairs, and various other factors, corporate housing provides all of that and then some more.

Spacious Rooms

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It’s clear that a hotel room isn’t that spacious and big rooms cost a lot of money.

Ideally, you’d want excellent livable conditions and nice and spacious rooms where you can loosen up and enjoy the rest of your day.

While this is a factor that many consider, it is also worth noting that you also pay more for more size.

But the costs come nowhere near the costs of hotel accommodations.

You Choose Where You Live

Hotels are mostly located in areas of Berlin designed to appeal to tourists. While no doubt some corporate accommodations will be located on the busiest and most tourist-friendly streets of Berlin, others are located in the suburbs and areas of the city where peace and tranquility cost a lot of money.

These are the areas where the true locals live. This means that you have accessibility to public transport. But in addition, you won’t be bothered by noise from tourists and people that want to have a good time.

Also, these areas have great restaurants and dozens of amenities that will appeal to the business traveler.


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Price isn’t the only thing that matters when a company needs to settle down their employees. What does matters is the size, amenities, and various other factors that we’ve discussed so far?

Regardless of the company is interested in long-term or short-term accommodations, corporate housing in Berlin presents a real option to satisfy your needs.