5 Golf Tournaments You Shouldn’t Miss

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Golf is one of the most popular sports nowadays, and while they are fun to watch on TV, you should try going to one yourself. There’s nothing quite like watching live golf, following the players’ position, and seeing the ball fly through the air yourself. If you’re interested in learning more about golf firsthand, going to a tournament near you should be the trick.

Watching tournaments live gives you a lot of awesome opportunities that you won’t get just from watching the sport on TV. You get to watch the golfers live in action, and you can even interact with them by taking pictures. With that in mind, if you’re interested in going to a golf tournament, these are some golfing events you should not miss.

1. The Masters

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Of course, it’s not an article about golf tournaments without the most prestigious golf tournament, the Masters. Many people who are golf fans probably heard of the sport because of this tournament alone. The Masters is a must-see tournament for a few reasons. One good example is that the conditions are consistent with the same sights and sounds every year in Augusta National Park. What you see on TV is exactly how it looks in person.

Of course, you can’t visit all of the sights since Augusta National Park has some restricted access. Another thing you should consider if you want to go to the Masters is that it’s the penultimate tournament for all golfing personalities. It’s like a tournament of tournaments, and a win in this tournament is an achievement only the very best will have.

2. The PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is one of the two biggest golf tournaments held yearly. It’s also played in some of the most beautiful courses in America, which is why many golf fans want to attend. It’s also a time when some of the best golfers in the world meet, and you can even meet some of them for a little interaction.

The PGA Championship is usually held in August. It is one of the most prestigious tournaments with its beautifully picked courses and played by the pros, making it one of the golf tournaments you shouldn’t miss.

3. The US Open

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The US Open is probably the most challenging golf tournament regarding conditions. There have been times when the weather can be so brutal that even the pros are having a hard time. But as they say, the rain falls both on the just and unjust, and it’s breathtaking to see how even the pros are having a hard time breaking par.

In this tournament, only those with the highest fortitude win. It’s also great that golfers looking to create their legacies start it at the world’s toughest golfing tournament. Some examples of this are Graeme McDowell, Webb Simpson, Rory McIlroy, and Tiger Woods.

4. The British Open

The British Open is also one of the toughest golf tournaments in the world. Combined with soccer chants, the famous Road Hole, shots hitting the stone walls, and its ever-deep bunkers that players can’t escape unless they do a backward shot, the British Open is a title coveted by aspiring and pros alike.

However, since it’s held in Britain, you’ll have to leave the country to attend it. Of course, you can always watch it on TV, but if you want to feel the drama and the struggle firsthand, it’s a tournament you shouldn’t miss.

5. The Players Championship

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This is one of the best golf tournaments you can watch on TV and even bet through sports betting odds online. And if you’re going to attend the next one, watching it live is even better. The Players Championship is held at different courses in America every year, so you don’t have to leave the country this time. The tournament started in 1974 and is now one of the biggest tournaments in the golfing world.

Also, if you’re tired of waiting for your favorite player to play because he is a pro, there’s a good chance they will play in the Players Championship. It’s fresh air since you’ll see a global pro play in a non-major tournament.

The reason? Because it’s one of the most fun tournaments in the world. Not only that, but you can see players making a name for themselves also playing in this event. That said, it’s a tournament where other players test their mettle against the best in the world.

Final Words

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it has been home to some of the best athletes. If you’re new to golf, the abovementioned tournaments are some of the events you shouldn’t miss. You must attend at least one of these tournaments once, so you’ll know how fun it is to watch your favorite players play golf in action.